Feb 04

There is news today in the entire news channel in India. It is really bad to hear that world’s biggest democratic country is facing such incident. The incident against humanity.

Raj Thakrey the leader of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS), due to his irresponsible comment, there was a huge riot erupt in Bombay (Mumbai). He said that Big B, Amitabh Bacchan did not do anything to Maharashtra, being a north India, he did social works for that area only. Currently, I have no detailed comments on what Raj Thakrey said.

MNS followers today due to that comment from Raj Thakrey started to target the north Indian low class families who work in Mumbai as Taxi Driver, Cooli and similar kind of small jobs and beaten them and destroy their vehicles .

Where is humanity, first of all the people who suffer today are really poor, that is why to earn some money they come to big cities from villages. Why the MNS people did not gave a second thought. India is a biggest democratic republic country in the world. There is no barrier to people of India to go from one state to another, and every Indian are working hands in hand to develop India and to get rid of poverty.

Why these politicians use such comments which affect the daily life of ordinary people who just knows how to earn for their daily needs, and why the followers of such leaders dose not give second thought and think what will be the effect of their deeds later on or to the one they have targeted. It seems like while watching on television that MNS people are having fun to beat the north Indian people and to break the glass of the taxi.

Now, you guys might say why I am mentioning this issue here.  What I think is Nepali politicians take the bad things from Indian politics. Since there is already so called pahadi’s are driven from terai, this might strike some of the uprising political leaders in Nepal, to get fast recognizing they might take such steps, ask their follower to drive madhesi from paahad or pahadi from terai. We should be ready to defend such foolish act from foolish politicians.

Nepal is our, and soon we might have CA polls (Which I still doubt), we youths are the one who are responsible to make New Nepal, just Prachada’s saying won’t make new Nepal. So if responsible people like us start to debate on madhesi pahadi, then we will never see Peace in Nepal. So let work hand in hand together to make Nepal and get ready to defend all Nepali if some political party try to bring such issue against humanity. Nepal currently is divided into Madhesi, Pahadi, Himali area, in future they might divide into tamu Pradesh, newa Pradesh, Tharu Pradesh etc, but still we all are Nepali and will be known to the world as Nepali.

5 Responses to “A big blow to Democratic Republic Country”

  1. Prasanna Says:

    well that is the very basic rule of dirty politics, divide and rule.. It has been done in the past is being done in the present and will be done in the future as long as people do not come out of their secular mindset. Besides Indians have never been United within, its just one of the many facts that politicians relish about the country. They know that no matter how united they may appear on the outset inside they will always be divided into regions, states, cities, villages etc.. All we can do is not copy their secularity in to our character. Follow the basic norms of being nepali.. Brave but not a bully, calm but not cowardly and Friendly but not Kissasses..

  2. Binod Says:

    simply politicians don’t care of the public. they are like P for Pig who never understands how they are smelling to the public and how unhealthy they are to the public welfare. Just they care is like P for Power, and M for money that means their target is to become PM which can be either Prime minister or Power and money
    so bottom line is they are just those Pigs who eats the shit to fill their belly
    that’s it
    my suggestion is these types of statements are base less and if some responsible person like Raj thakre comments like that then they should be held responsible for that and they should be held against the court of law on making such a irresponsible statements … by the govt.
    and their should be such type of legislation.
    that’s the only way to stop it.
    As in the developed countries they do like that …. making responsible for all the damages occured by those false statement there should be one in countries like ours too Just to prevent the false direction to the general public………..

  3. Abhaya Says:

    Indina is very voletile country. Politicians have to get small cause and they will make “till ko pahad”, and the recent incident is also very bad.

  4. Pratul Says:

    Yes Humanity in today’s world is in threat from all around. In this time I remember one saying from father of India-Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi said “It has always been a mystery to me as to how one human being can harm & dominate a fellow human being”.

    It’s really bad to hear that news from India & friends we must be aware that these kinds of incident should not happen here in Nepal. The current scenario of our country is in critical mode. CA election is right in the corner & the dirty politicians have started playing dirty games, so once again the election is in threat. How long!! For how long these peoples act like this in the name of “Janata” “Janatako lagi” “Naya Nepal ko lagi” Then who are we?? Have we lost our identity!! What the hell these PIGS think about themselves!!

    We are “Janata” normal citizens of Nepal who just want a peaceful Nepal backed by a good governance & stable system, an environment where people can live, think, work & move freely. What we want is “Gans” “Baas” & “Kapaas” a Solid & Peaceful Nepal from Mechi to Mahakali, from Mountain to Terai.

  5. shrikrishna Says:

    well….some extent raj is also correct ……y up-biharians neeed to travel a 1000 km from there birthplace ………..UP has given 7 PM to india ……..till there is poverty ……and the bloody north indian politacians poltasicians come ot mumbai …..

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