Feb 20

After ruling 49 years in Cuba, Fidel Castro finally resign from President of Cuba. He came to power with the armed revolution. Cuba is one of the few countries with absolute communism. The world praises him for his stand against the world’s powerful country and his neighboring country United States. He has been the number one American Enemy and America could not do anything to him as they did to Saddam Hussain in Iraq.

 Why I am writing about Fidel Castro and Cuba?


What Nepali Maoist want, an absolute communist country, is it possible? At present looking at Nepal’s condition, it is not possible I guess. Maoist are somehow avoiding the CA polls, and have some funny slogan like “Prachanda, first President of Republic Nepal”. It is the CA polls which will decide the future of Nepal, and how Nepali government will operate.

Anyway, the Maoist leaders have been saying that they will try to get into power by another arm revolution (giving continuation to their 12 years old revolution I guess) if they lose the CA polls. These shows how un-democratic are they.

Now talking about Cuba, I was reading the news in Kantipur Daily; it said that in Cuba many people does not know any other politicians. So what must be the condition of other party over there? Still it is a communist country, but they are trying to have some kind of regime of Castro family now. News from AP says that Raul Castro will be the next president. He is brother of Fidel Castro. AP even says that Raul Castro may bring some reform in Cuba now.

The younger Castro raised expectations of openings in the state-controlled economy with his reported fascination with Chinese-style capitalism, calls for unspecified “structural changes,” and acknowledgment that government wages averaging $19 a month do not satisfy basic needs. He also encouraged Cubans to open a fearless and critical debate, as long as they remember that the final decisions will be made by the island’s Communist leaders
Now we can see why he talking about fearless critical debate. These indicate that Cubans are living their life with fear and they are not able to have debate on their own rights.  How can we be sure of our rights in absolute communist country?

Who knows brother or cousin of Pushpa Kamal Dahal alias Prachanda, or his son Prakash Dahal also dreaming of being the next president of Republic of Nepal after Prachanda? May be by then we Nepali will forget other politicians and political party. 

The History will be re written in Nepal like it was done by Stalin in Russia.  The symptoms are already shown by destroying the Monarch’s statue from the cross roads, re naming the institution named after the monarch and their family members. Why they aren’t thankful for the good things the monarchs did as thought they tried to suppress the people’s voice on their regime time.

In the name of abolishing Dictatorship why the communist establish their own dictatorship and kill human rights of their opponents, voice of people and call their own voice as People’s Voice.

4 Responses to “What can we learn from Fidel Castro and cuba?”

  1. Mrigesh Says:

    Very True And To The Point…

  2. aAkaR Says:

    yes, you are right.

  3. Welcome to Paradise Says:

    Very well written and according to our nation’s context.

  4. ms\thapa Says:

    These days it became useless to talk about poltical situation of our country.
    its really difficult to say which poltical party has following there principals, in which way?????????/
    communist , congress or other so named poltical parties …………….parties don’t know princiapls, can’t take stand against enemy ,leader don’t know how to lead. they are here for the sake of being here. Fidel Castro, don’t know much about him but he rule his country for 50 yrs took is stand as a great leader, that real achivement like a leader. at least i can say poltic is goin on……..
    here difficult to say what going on…..?

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