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This year I was lucky enough to see the Bajrayogini’s Jatra (festival) at Sankhu, Kathmandu. This is one of the major Jatra that we can see inside Kathmandu valley. I did not see much crowd as we see in jatra of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur or Lalitpur. May be since Sankhu is a small village/city east north of Kathmandu and the population is very less. Many people are not aware of this jatra, there were very less visitors to observe this jatra.

You will get different type of excitement while watching this jatra. Since the Bajrayogini temple is at the top of the hill, bringing the god’s statue down the steep hill on the heavy chariot is really exciting. I think locale from Sankhu should invite people, friends, and relatives from different places to see this jatra so that people will know about it, see the excitement of this jatra and know more about this ancient city Sankhu.

Few months back I did a hiking with some of my friend from Sankhu to Nagarkot, This place is also popular for Sali Nadi (holy river which is mentioned in one of the holy books of the Hindu, Swasthani).

This place has many thing to offer for internal, Indian (for holy reason and external tourism). I read somewhere about this place that around 15th or 16th century some Italian priest visited this place and compare it with their Italian city saying it’s beautiful .

I think Government will take some steps to make such jatra, Fairs to make the place popular and attract tourist so that the economy of the locale people will increase.

Enjoy the pictures and feel the excitement guys.

Long way to go

Natural Mineral water
Natural Mineral water

I can get a better view from here 😛

 One of the four chariot of Bajrayogini
One of the four chariot that we saw

Typical Newari musical instrument
Identity of Newari culture, the typical Newari musical instrument

Kids participating in the festival
Kids participation will preserve such fairs for ages 🙂

Bajra infront of the temple
Bajra infront of the temple

Elderly participating in the festival
Age is not the barrier to take part at such jatra


Temple of Bajrayogini
Temple of Bajrayogini

Who ever have visited this temple knows that this means :), they say it will clean you sin, but how?

Preparing the chariot at Bajrayogini temple
Preparing the chariot

Steep stairs, how will they bring that chariot down this stairs

This is the way we do it

Apriest at Bajrayogini festival
I am the front man, with out me don’t think of this festival 😛

Finally, some of evil people tried this to make them self clean from sin, just kiddin. 😉

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  1. samir sitaula Says:

    this is the informative festivals where we can learn different things like life style of people etc

  2. rupesh shrestha Says:

    thanks sangesh for nice pic and information abt sankhu jatra
    1s again great job

  3. babinshrestha Says:

    thanks for photo;now we r doing on sankhu sankhu festival at april 2th 3rd 4th 3 days festival eve.then our jatera u know 8 days gone if u other photos trdinatinol magh mela temple and other wise u have to please so help to him so we think ur help sucseess to our festivel if u contacet 9841250278 or my mailin add thankhu

  4. sangesh Says:

    babin i will try my best to collect some pictures for you

  5. Want to know more about shankhu? Says:

    […] Mr. Suresh Pradhan. He requested me to send him some high resolution picture I took when I visited Shankhu on Bajrayogini Jatra. It’s always a pleasure when someone passes your work and asks for your favor.  I have given […]

  6. Rabin Rachalica Says:

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  7. nabin Says:

    You can virtually travel the places Sankhu and other places of Nepal from this website. This is 360 X 180 rotation virtual panorama. Use you mouse to drag left-right-up-down to travel different location.
    For virtual travel, click the following link:

  8. hira kumar Says:

    hi, sangesh, I am owner of visitignepal.com , It is non profit website. Currently, I am going to collect information of Sankhu, Could you provide your these picture for visitingnepal.com. I will mention your name and website for helping for providing images.

  9. Rajendra Man Bajracharya Says:

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