Apr 12

First of all happy new year 2065 to every one who reads what I have to say. From tomorrow new year will start, let’s hope from the year 2065 we don’t have to face hard time, hope Nepal will have a peaceful year, not violent like 2064. Since the CA election also concluded, we hope to see new faces in Nepal’s politics who will surely help to improve Nepali people’s life, let’s pray we do not have to wait in a hours line for the gasoline. Hope we will have enough water at home and do not need to wake up at 3 am to run the water pump to fill our water tanks, let’s hope there will be no more power cuts.
we still have to see who will have the majority at CA polls, who ever bags the majority, they should work for the nation, as NEPAL, not just for their community or supporters.

Once again HAPPY NEW YEAR 2065, Jai Desh Jai Nepal Long Live the Identity of Nepal and identity of being a Brave Nepali.

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