Apr 10

Finally the day arrived which all the Nepalese were waiting, the day they choose people to make the constitution of Nepal. I also participate on today’s election. For many of my friends they cast vote for the first time and they were excited.

Constituent Assembly election - Nepal, 2008

Bravo, You did it Election Commission
Let’s hope the people we have chosen won’t let us down and they are the right person to make Nepal’s future.

Seems like we are the lucky one to get the right to choose the people to make the constitution of Nepal. All the voters are proud to be the part of this rare festival which we observed today. I am calling this election as Festival because the Nepal is celebrating it as a festival of choosing the people who will draw the draft of Nepal’s future and implement it.

Constituent Assembly election - Nepal

Party volunteers helping the voters to find out their election ID number


Volunteers offering water during Constituent Assembly election - Nepal

volunteers with drinking water


Do you need my help to find your voter Id number?

People arriving to cast vote during Constituent Assembly election

I am ready to cast my vote 🙂


Long waited day is over now

Voters lining up to vote - Constituent Assembly election

see the smilling faces, hope they have choosed the right person


Will happy days for us are near? can we smile like that always from now?

Elderly couple arrive to cast vote - Constituent Assembly election

I think they are the oldest couple from my area to vote


Party volunteers to identify the voter


Are you reporting LIVE?

Election monitor during Constituent Assembly election

volunteers to monitor the election

Security personnel - Constituent Assembly election - Nepal

Seems like it was far good then what we thought, isn’t it

Medical Volunteers - Constituent Assembly election - Nepal

Medical volunteers? I caught them at newroad


empty roads, seems like roads are happy today even the air i guess


3 Responses to “Picture of Election to Constituent Assembly”

  1. Reetu Shrestha Says:

    It was nice looking at your picture.. We really missed this historic election.

  2. Transponder Ametya Says:

    Too good photography…really nice….

  3. binod Says:

    nice to see the election hope everyone gets the desired result ………..

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