May 06


Have you guys ever seen how the famous chariot of Rato (Red) Macchindranath is made? Here I have capture some moments of people making the chariot to let you guys know how they make the chariot and how risky it is.

I hope you will enjoy the pictures and if you are in Kathmandu or planning to visit Nepal in next 1 month then you will surely visit this festival which is held in patan every year around the month of May. This chariot really looks beautiful when it is decorated.


We are not having fun over here


we need to make a stable chariot


they are not iron wire


Need any technical Help?









Hard work paids off

4 Responses to “Making of a chariot for the Rato (Red) Macchindranath”

  1. Shutterbug from EU Says:

    Interesting photos and glad to see other side of making of Chariot. Seem like you’ve spent a lots of time clicking pictures of it. Pic in the top is awesome. Since you are willing to have comment, let me say that you need to try different perspective (changing focal length) to catpure pictues. And some pictues lack good depth of field. Try to shoot in maual mood.

    Happy clicking more.

  2. jijo fernandes Says:

    ye i agree with shutterbug, really you should have a manual mood. not enough depth of field techniques looks like you used a box camera. but i know u used your manual lensed camera.

  3. sangesh Says:

    Hi shutterbug and jijo
    thank you for your comments and suggestion on improving my DOF. As jijo said yeah it is a mannula camera with mannual mode, I am still in a learning phase, i have not done any photography training. I just look on to photoraphy sites and learn something to improve my Passion of Photography. I will surely try to improve on it. And yeah about this rato macchindranath pictures, umm i just took it to give information on it on my blog so really did not care anything, was jsut taking my snaps in hurry and for good photographs person should have patience. ANy way will look to hear more comments from you guys so taht i can improve my photography. Hope you guys saw my photography section too.

  4. Guruju Says:

    That is a great perspective of the chariot which we see all the time being made but never held the breathe to see in detail. Thanks to your effort

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