Nov 19

Pralad and Narsing - Kartik Nach

This is a unique type of festival that is observed at Patan Durbar Square, Lalitpur. It is a Newari cultural program where we can see Newari Musical Drama and Dances. The dances are very ancient. This festival was started by the Malla King of Patan, Siddi Narsingh Malla.

I don’t have much more information on this festival. The last day of Festival is very exciting and important. On the last day we can see a Musical Drama of Hindu Legendary story of Pralad and Narsingh Avatar.

Narsingh and Danav dance and try to kill the opponent, and it is really amazing that when the Narsingh touch the Danav, he gets fainted. As heard from the locals, that the Narsingh is spelled with tantric system with power to make the Danav faint in real, later the person who became Danav is treated with tantric ways and wakes up.

If you guys have no idea about this festival then go and experience it next year 1 week after Tihar.

Kartik Naach
Performing Newari Musical Drama

Kartik Dance
A funny Drama performed, these 3 clever men turned Goat into Dog

Krishna Mandir Temple - Patan

Young kid enjoying the Kartik Nach Drama
hahaha I love funny drama

Narsingh Avatar

Open Theater

Hey man, Leave me Narsingh will appear else (this boy playing a part of Pralad)

Inside Dressing room

Wow man we are posing with God to take the snap

I think Narsingh Avatar is happy to see this dance after his win over the Daitya

14 Responses to “Kartik Nach of Patan where Narsingh Dances”

  1. aAkaR Says:

    After a long gap, it’s nice to see such festival pictures…
    Nice snaps man !

  2. olga_rani Says:

    Very interesting

  3. Binod Says:

    well well
    after all u have been following most of the festivals especially newari
    check some further rural as well
    I would love to live these festivals and u are providing us with ur blog
    thanks mate

  4. Shutterbug fr EU Says:

    Good work! Sangesh. Now U need faster lens to try your skill more on such low light and fast moving ‘subject’ situation. Good luck!! 🙂

  5. Sanjeena Says:

    Very unique pictures captured by Sangesh. Though we live in the same city we dont tend to give time to such ancient festivals sometimes and I am really appreciate your interest in such a matter. Your hobby is exciting buddy.

  6. deepa Says:

    Wow this story and this festival really great, love to see live this.

  7. Shrawan Says:

    nice pictures … although my old house is in patan, i moved to lagankhel, i never had a chance to see this festival.

  8. sirensongs Says:

    Great accounts of so many Newar and Nepali festivals. I especially love the shot of the masks backstage. My friend Raju dances in the Kartik Naach as VayuNath.

    Raju told me that in the original times, the festival was one month long, but at some point (I am not sure why) the tradition was broken. Then when it was recreated it was only for 7 days. Originally there were more stories and dances performed as an entire cycle. Great to see young Nepalis taking interest in this.

  9. Ametya Says:

    I think u have changed the camera…Look at the picture quality…it’s TOOOOO good ….

    Your festival snaps always used to be good n this is more better …congrats

  10. Lidsisoms Says:

    Hey your website is cool
    I have a new band and we just had a live gig u can see here:

  11. shan maharjan Says:

    this is cool man
    i loved it
    and thanks to you cause people like you are preserving our culture and trditions

  12. Ana Shrestha Says:


    Very nice pictures. Do you have picture of Danav?

  13. Prabesh Lal Joshi Says:

    When will Kartik dance happen this year?

  14. Ashok Kumar Rana Says:

    The pictures are very nice but the information about the kartik nach is more less. Please do study kartik nach and give information more from this website about our cultural pillar, Kartik Nach, such as Who Started Kartik nach, when, why and how etc. Thank You.

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