Jan 15

Red Fort - Delhi

Visiting ancient places is really fun and educational. You will know about the history of place and people. Red fort is one of the major landmarks of Delhi, India’s capital.

We were lucky that we happened to visit this landmark in the evening. Every evening they have a musical show there. They give a brief history on India and Red fort. It is fun to attend this show. The colorful light gives attractive view of the fort.

Guys if you happen to visit Delhi then don’t miss this show. For now enjoy the pictures that I took.

Red Fort - Delhi

Red Fort - Delhi

Red Fort - Delhi (Night time)

Red Fort - Delhi (Night time)

Red Fort - Delhi (Night time)

Red Fort - Delhi (Night time)

5 Responses to “Red fort and the musical show”

  1. olga_rani Says:

    Wow, beautiful! Thank you for sharing

  2. aAkaR Says:

    baafre… kata kata.. ghumdai hideko hai…..

  3. Mrigesh Says:

    Ohoo.. We would like to see more pictures of Red fort and small story if you could 🙂

  4. Ametya Says:

    Kaha Kaha ghumya Dai ??? ani Red fort ta ke ho purai dami cha ta ni ….u r lucky to watch such kind of activities or programs while being in India….

  5. sUjAi too cool Says:

    great photos thanks a lot for sharing whats your name

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