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Yogi Patanjali

 Yogi Patanjali

I have always dreamed of going to some Hindu holy places like Vanaras, Haridwar and many popular destinations among Hindu. This time since I am spending couple of months in Delhi, finally I got opportunity to visit Haridwar 200 Km away from Delhi. We really had a memorable travel to Haridwar and had some exciting experience. We return at night where heavy fog was disturbing our driver to drive. We had our eyes wide open at night if he is driving safe. Thank god he was an experience driver and brought us back to Delhi safe. Anyway, let’s talk about our first stop, Patanjali yogpith. Hope many of my friends know about it, and for those who don’t know, I want to tell you that it is a hospital and asharam of our yog guru Baba Ramdev. We spend a night at his hospital and were surprised to see the facility it was providing to its patients and the visitors. One of our Friend Mr. Santosh Gautam went to see an eye specialist at there and he was satisfied with the treatment. It is facilitated with all the modern medical equipment. It has a big garden for relaxation; they have a very good canteen which provide healthy food directed by Baba Ramdev. It has a hall where visitors can have a free yoga class and it is compulsory for all of them to attend it at the morning. I got an SMS from my father at the early in the morning. He asked me to visit yogptih of Baba Ramdev at Haridwar, but to his surprise I told him that I spend a night at his ashram. Our next destination was Rishikesh few kilometers away from main Haridwar. We visited Rishikesh first because we wanted to see the aarati at Haridwar. We heard a lot about the aarati from people in Delhi, they all requested us to not to miss the aarati. In Rishikesh we saw many things, for the first time in life; I felt the Ganga River and played with the water of that river. There were many ashram where old people were living happily. Our guide said that the Pandavs came here for tapasya after the war Mahabharata. We saw more then 1000 yrs old pipal tree (our guide said so) saw the kalpa briskhya (tree). I came to know that kapla brishya dose not have fruits and it evolve at sagar manthan. Since there were prohibition on taking pictures at ashram and temples I could not capture them. Our next destination was 2 km away, Laxman Jhoola; it is a place were Laxman came for tapasya. It is a historic place where Laxman created abridge (Jhoola) but I felt like we were cheated at this point and we got disappointed. There was no any mark of history. What we saw was a modern suspension bridge there which is called Laxman Jhoola. We got dispointed here, we felt like Indian really hype the things. They even said there is a statue of Laxman and it is the only place where you can see Laxman single; else in every where Laxman is always with Ram and Sita. We thought it must be an ancient temple where statue of Laxman is placed, but to our surprise there is nothing as such, just a modern statue of Laxman at the crossroads. Finally after Rishikesh we came back to Haridwar. It was already late for us to go to Chandi Temple at the top of the hill but we did not want to miss anything beside that temple in this holy place. We were fortunate that we did not miss the aarati. Old people kids and youth all were taking a dip (bath) on Ganga River with great enthusiasm; I just washed my face and offered pooja. It was really a special moment for me, I really enjoyed the time at Haridwar. Seeing the calm Ganga really gave me some peace in my mind. At 6 pm they started the aarati and every one were singing bhajans at that time and the place really sound so good that you would love to hear it again and again. I have some picture, enjoy the picture and make a plan to visit this holy place Haridwar and go to Patanjali yogpith to learn yoga.



Haridwar Haridwar Baba Rav dev's healthy and economic food

Baba Rav dev’s healthy and economic food

haar haar gangae

haar haar gangae

Laxman Jhoola

hahaha, this is what i was talking about Laxman Jhoola

Banks of river Ganga with temples in the background

Banks of Ganga with temples

Baba Ram dev's Menu

Baba Ram dev’s Menu

Eye Clinic at Patanjali yogpith

Eye Clinic @ patanjali yogpith

Pitaljali Yogpith - Haridwar Gayetri Mantra

Gayetri Mantra

Pipal tree at Rishikesh inside a ashram

Pipal tree @ Rishikesh inside a ashram

Night view of Holy place Haridwar

Night view of Holy place Haridwar

Aarati offering - The moment we were waiting for

The moment we were waiting for, aarati offering

old men enjoying the moment

old men enjoying the moment

Yoga Class at patanjali

Yoga Class at patanjali

33 Responses to “Visiting Haridwar, Rishikesh and Patanjali Yogpith”

  1. sathi Says:

    i was really experiencing myself at your place while reading(trust me)…i have never been to such holy places specially in india…though i felt that…. i was really really there yaar… thanks for making me feel that way…i’m touched with your experience yaar……..

  2. Sanjee Says:

    You have captured magnificant pictures. I felt I was touring that place as I have been there once. That time i really did not like Haridwar, nor I found anything special about Laxman Jhula and Ram Jhula… I think its the spirit of Indian People who promote and exaggerrate thier possession so well that its a tourist destinagtion… though its just a normal bridge. We also haveso manythat kind of jhulas in Nepal but do you notice we lack to promote among foreigners or even Nepalese that we tend to forget them. Similar or even larger and more adventourous jhulas like the one in “Manakamana” has perished. Now we dont even remember that bridge. Just an example not to forget we are also very rich in culture but poor in promoting them.

  3. hira Says:

    good to know about the places. wonderful places……………… want to visit some day. keep going…..all the best………….thanks for sharing ur thoughts& information

  4. Basanta Says:

    Great post! Enjoyed the pictures and knew many things about Haridwar. Thank you!

  5. Eternal Says:

    Enjoyed reading you,,,,
    Thanks for the belated b’day wish

    take care

  6. Sukhjinder Virk Says:

    Jai Gurudev,

    I need a treatment of back pain, due to this my left leg is stop working propperly I am suffring so mutch,
    pl. help me

    yours truly,
    Suhkjinder virk

  7. arun singh Says:

    kindly registered me for your Yoga programmes as one of acute leukemia cancer patient needs your help. my mobile no. 9323015588, 9324425416.
    give your appointment as early as possible on my mobile or email as below.. rajsingh042000@yahoo.com

    waiting for your early reply….

    Thanking you,

    Arun singh

  8. shankha ghosh Says:

    respected swamiji,

    i need a treatment of tension- for this reason i am a patient of gastric, weight loss, sudden tempted, constipition and weekness.

    please give a name of medicine for my present situtaion.


    shankha ghosh ( 09830327553)

  9. sajid mohd Says:

    hello guruji i am a great fan of u and want to meet u in my life time for once i and my family memberes will follow all the yoga asans wich are thaught by you

    thank you guruji bye

  10. Arvind Kumar Singh Says:

    Swamijee Charansparsh

    My father and mother in law are suffering from hypertension and other problems. Doctor prescribed complete rest for my mother in law as her one heart is not functioning. Both are badly needed ur treatment and yag practices. Please offer them an appointement. we are badly waiting for the reply on MOBILE 00968 99522933 OR E-mail dewtracgm@yahoo.co.uk.

  11. Dipa chauhan Says:

    I would like to visit patanjali ashram and want to learn yoga.
    kindly reply

  12. Sandesh Pradhan Says:

    Memories revived……… gr888 !!!

  13. richa Says:

    It is a very nice description. Me along with my family is also interested to visit Haridwar and Patanjali ashram. I will be grateful if you could please let me know regarding the living arrangements there. Do we need to contact the ashram prior to our visit and also could stay in the ashram?

    Thank you for your time.


  14. umesh rane Says:

    i would like to visit ashram & learn yoga

  15. A S R CHANDRA Says:

    i humbly request anybody to reply to my tour programme.
    i am visiting haridwar,rishikesh,kedarnath and badrinath and back to delhi. my plan is reaching delhi on 12.6.2010 at 7 am by train from visakhapatnam. i wish to travel by state road transport service. by reading the reviews i knew that for gaurikund i have to board the bus from rushikesh. is there any telephone number to contact the rushikesh ISBT ( bus stand ) or from Haridwar ISBT? if so please provide the same and further any online reservation for the road transport buses.
    again i will return from delhi to visakhapatnam on 19th of june 2010.
    please help me in this regard.
    with warm regards to all
    a.sree rama chandra,varun motors,siripuram,visakhapatnam-3.cell:9885319949

  16. RamaRoy Says:

    Sadar Pranam ! Since a long time I am searching for your treatment .I want to join immediate course /care for my eyes as i am going to lose it year after year. I have shortsightness even after post lasix . Pl. tell me when can I join your treatment . I am a mother of two babies( 3 years). Can I stay with my family. Please give me details accodingly I will plan this month or whenever seat would be available for me.

  17. SUBHASH Says:


  18. Jessica Chesney Says:

    Wonderful thought. I love it. Appreciate your posting

  19. Satyaban Ranjit Says:


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    Thanking You

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    Satyaban Ranjit

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  20. paras nath pandey Says:

    i am very much impressed with baba ram dev bharat swabhimaan apart from spirituality and yog for good healt
    at this age of 63 i and my wife may like to stay and pracitce yog in company of experts and also clean our souls before leaving for back to godh

    will be happy to know the cost of staying in cheap ashram


  21. Satish Kumar Says:

    Respected Guruji,

    I have not baby. Every docter advice to me, take IBF (baby tube). my wife both tube infected.I want to treatment ayuvedic in Haridwar. So I want to Haridwar for treatment. Please advise me.

    Thanks with Regards,
    Satish Kumar

  22. ANUP MITRA Says:

    i want to take dealer ship of patanjali jyogpith medicine in baguiati kolkata700059
    please send me the details of said dealership, rules and regulations etc.
    thanking you,
    anup mitra

  23. sanghvi saurabh Says:

    i m interested for dealership of u r products at mumbai
    plz contect

  24. ruchika khanna Says:

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    pujnaye baba ji myself Dharmendar sharma apke Aandolan {BHARAT SWABHIMAN YATRA } me samil hona chata hu but mujhe koi asa cont.person nhe mil pa rha h
    mne jis se mujhe she jankare mil ske
    Sr.No. A 7755627

  26. ratan chakraborty Says:

    do you have any sales counter in kolkata ? where i can get to buy patanjalis
    books and products !

  27. Keshav Velingkar Says:

    I am a strong follower of Baba Ramdev and Balkrishnaji.

    I am visiting Haridwar on 12 th June to have darshan of both and will be accompanied by my wife and sister in law who require treatment for Diabetice and uterrus fibroid.
    Please advice me how to book rooms at patanjaji for a week and take our treatment for a week.
    Keshav Velingkar

  28. kipakau Says:

    Memory recalled…..great holy place to visit….

  29. ks yadav Says:

    visiting on 25th for treatment required accommodation for self and wife. please advice me how to come there, and whether accommodation will be available

  30. Devidas Sharma Says:

    My child is 10 yrs and required treatment for Thyroid.
    Pl let me know the procedure and when to come in Patanjali.

  31. deepak singh Says:

    i am suffering from back pain and want to take treatment from your hospital and i want the dates in may2014-

  32. deepak singh Says:

    i am suffering from back pain and want to take treatment from your hospital and i want the dates in may 2014- kindly arrange accommodation for me also

  33. Pranjal Goswami Says:

    Respected Guruji,

    Pranam. My younger brother, 29 years old, has been suffering from weakness in legs and hands (nurological problem). We are providing treatment him from Patanjali also. We want to go Haridwar at your ashram for his better treatment. Please advice.

    Contact No. 9854285722

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