Oct 31

Right now Nepal government main job is to maintain peace in the country and draft new constitution in time. In every public place meeting the top leaders, members of parliament and ministers have been talking about that they will write down the constitution in time.

In between this there have been many changes, the parliament abolish royal family, made Nepal secular country and many ethnic group started raising voices on what they need.

Anyway we all know about what I mention above. Now let’s talk about the new voice raised by the Communist party of Nepal (Maoist). They want to change the National Flag of Nepal. There have been debates going on about this.

Change the name and flag is not going to make new Nepal or new constitution, we need them to do work, not just to raise voice against unwanted or less priority things. At the moment they should be focusing on how to make the new constitution.

The government took all the word ROYAL from everything where there was ROYAL mention like Royal Nepal Airlines which is now called Nepal Airlines. After taking out royal there is still no improvement in that organization. This is just an example that names does not matter. We need work to be done.

I am really against the concept of changing the flag of Nepal. We have our own identity with that flag. Many people have defined Nepal’s current flag in their own way, and hardly it describe as the symbol of royal family.

Any way what does our Nepal flag might look like if the government or parliament thinks to change the flag?

Nepal's New Flag

Nepal’s most look like New Flag

  • Since the leaders are not that much innovative they will make it rectangular like all others flag of the   world ( if they were innovative we would not have  faced such hard time in Nepal right now)
  • Since Nepal is a secular country now, they will try to prove that all religion are welcome here, they have to respect all religion, so they will include Red for Hindu, Green for Muslim and the Buddhist flag ( 3 major religion of Nepal)
  • Now comes what symbol to keep, we have hardcore communist party (Maoist) to liberal communist (UML) and democratic Nepali Congress who themselves inside the party are undemocratic. This Major party of Nepal will include their own election sing to represent that Nepal is mixer of all system.

Is this what we need? Changing Nepal’s name, flag, removing royal or previous kings and their family name from organization they were involved or named after them and breaking down their statue is not going to make new Nepal. It is my request to all the leaders, political party and the members of parliament that right now Nepal need a good projection toward progress. We need you people to do some major work of development and make new constitution. Please stop arguing the less priority works like changing flag or renaming the organization name.

Jai Nepal jai Chandra Surya ankit jhanda

20 Responses to “What might Nepal’s new flag looks like”

  1. Aakar Says:

    Saying no to new nepali flag…bt above picture is interesting hehe…

  2. Ashesh Says:

    interesting post!! But again the same appeal;”say no to new nepali flag”!.

  3. SAMIR Says:

    Sangesh, well versed.


  4. binod Says:

    well well … that’s it … as they used to say … kunda kunda paani munda munda bichar… if everyone wants to put their own view and everyone is looking to establish their own statements then that’s what happens …. Bramha ko Uutt.
    anyways guys this politicians are like lizzards who changes their color according to the surroundings … so be careful they might change u… so don’t think of them at all.. just watch and stay away…

  5. raman Says:

    this flag really sux mama neapli gov ta world ko sabi bhanda wahiyat gov hola hai

  6. Romas Says:

    hey this should be the common flag of these political parties,not of Nepali peoples….i prefer our current flag..Say no to new flag….Chandra Surya ankit Jhanda nai hamro rastriya pahichan ho…………Jai Nepal

  7. Mrigesh Says:

    100% agree !!!!! Hope they are not planning to change the name of county.

  8. Moneesha Says:

    well said Sangesh…BIG No No to new Nepal’s Flag…they’re just trying to show their power…nothing else…no good deeds can be expected from them…totally hopeless creatures!!

  9. Moneesha Says:

    good imagination though!!

  10. Tenzing59 Says:

    Free Tibet….hey comrade..put Buddha ..peace………..Free Tibet

  11. denzin Says:

    i think now we should work to finish or terminate these politician once and for all. then only nepal can be what nepal was.

  12. denzin Says:

    we do not need to change our current flag what we need to do is change or terminate these politician who have ruined and still ruining our country.

  13. Gangadhar kandel Says:

    They r showing showing their power &their might be thier photo in new flag

  14. Gangadhar kandel Says:

    They r like sweages annd garbages which must be thrown into gutter

  15. Ametya - Blogspot Says:

    Jhanda Kunai pani halat ma change hunu hunna . yo hami sabai ko aawaz ho .

    ani arko kura…

    tyo nepal ko logo ma keta ra keti le hand-shake gareko photo rakheko lastai ris uthdo chha yar . Hand Shake nepali culture ho ra ???

    Tapai ko ma nepali romanized font accept gardaina rahecha ta sangesh dai …..hope u ll make over it soon ……

  16. bibisha bhusal Says:

    old flag is best

  17. Upsii Says:

    This is the corniest flag I have ever seen ~ Kasto bacha haru le chitra banako jastei dekei ko cha

  18. Nepali ama ko putra Says:

    How stupid to change the Nepali Flag. It is same yeast manche hare lye at bholi fun bau ra ma pane change gar bhancha hola ekdin.

  19. Subhi Shrestha Says:

    Do not think about that also!!

  20. prince khadka Says:

    …..bloody pice of shit……

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