Feb 23

GEMS School - Nepal

New GEMS and old class monitor

Today I feel proud to say to myself that I am a product of GEMS. I spent 11 years in that school. On 20th February 2010, it celebrated it’s 25th year. Time passes so fast. I still remember the early days of this school when we were admitted on the same year it was established.

I hoped to see some of our old teacher there but unfortunately many of them have already left or retired but still there were some teachers with whom we have unforgettable memories.

Badal Pradhan sir who has been associated with the school for more than 23 years, Hem Chandra Bhandari sir for more than 20 years in GEMS school. It was a great pleasure to meet our Dhurba Narayan Chaudhary (D. N. Chaudhary) sir and share the past memories.

We should be thankful to the founder of GEMS Mr. Rajesh Khadka and Mrs. Uma Khadka who really worked hard to take GEMS in today’s position. I still remember our head sir Mr. Rajesh Khadka riding his Honda bike with that big windscreen.

I was expecting to see some of our old teacher like Ex-Vice Principle Mr. Shrawan Gupta sir and Upadhay Sir. On this day I would like to remember our principle sir Late Mr. Parsuram Rokka. He is the person who made me believe in hard work. He was the person to encourage me.

I have posted some photographs that I took and hope you guys will enjoy it and it was a great moment at GEMS to be with some friends left out in Kathmandu. Rohit Shrestha, Sameer Manandhar, Subin Kumar Kushle, Sarbin Sayami, Sanjay Shrestha and Raju dongol, batch of ’96. We missed some of our class mate Mrigesh Shrestha, Amol Acharya, Madhur Bista, Prabin Manandhar and all others guys and girls with whom we have some sweet memories to share with.

If you are missing GEMS then guys please see the new face of games in the picture which I took.

Batch of 96 Rocks 🙂

Badal sir, why is your seat empty?

“You know your 96 batch is the batch i will never forget” – D.N chaudhary

“My life began here and hope it will end here in GEMS” – Tara Pradhan

Our hard work @ GEMS is finally paid off

At least Bhandari sir tried his best to improve all newar’s taata ra maata

Hey 96 batch where are other guys?

which Batch girl?

Wish we had opportunity to study here in new building

Only person to attend the function from 2nd batch

Hope teacher will not take action for gossiping after all we are Ex- Gems now

7 Responses to “GEMS School – 25 glorious years”

  1. Brajesh Says:

    Hi Sangesh, nice to see the pictures. Wished to be there…anyway….post some more pictures, yeah!

    Take care.

  2. Sneha Says:

    Hi Mr. Sangesh,
    so nice to see these pics.. btw, in the photo where u have captioned, “which batch girl?”, in the back, the one with the cell phone is Mr. Rijan Tuladhar who is i guess the 12th batch. The girl with the pink shawl is Ms. Evita Tamrakar, 15th batch and the pretty ladies up front are from the 16th batch.. 🙂

    really great to see these pics 🙂

  3. sangesh Says:

    hey sneha, thanx for the comment and let us know about the batch, which batch you are ? any wayz i think 14, 16 batch hummm they must have joined Gems after we left gems

  4. Sanjaya Shrestha Says:

    Good work Sangesh. Keep it up. Happy Birthday also.

  5. soni Says:

    hi, sangesh,
    Its really grt to see all these, even though i didn’t get the oppurtunity to complete my schooling in GEMS ” the couples of years” i studied in GEMS changed my life.
    So I truly agree with u that u all should be proud or urselves that ur all are gems of the “GEMS”.

  6. Mrigesh Says:

    Yeah definitely, batch of 96 Rocks !!!!
    Thanks for putting all these together and taking me back to our sweet memories…

  7. Sandhya Shrestha Says:

    Thank u for the pics. Fond memories from 2 nd batch.

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