May 07
Nepal flag for peace

My Nepal My Pride

Today people of Kathmandu valley gathered at Basantapur, Kathamndu to show all the leaders and political parties that people of Nepal want peace and are against strike and bands which has been the main obstacle for the development of Nepal.

People showed their power today, and it was a rally without any leaders. There were no one to lead the rally. It was in true – a peaceful rally. I have never seen people carrying so many Nepali Flag and walking; walking for long-term peace. It shows how much love we have for our country.

At some places the maoist supporters tried to obstruct the rally. They even tried to stop people who were coming to participate in the rally. Police had to fire some rounds of tear gas to control the situation before it got worse.

Thank to all the participants who came on their own to show the world that Nepalese are against strike and to show the maoist leader what really Nepali want and stop your supporters to act like junglee.

Hey maoist leaders listen to the voice of People and ask your supporters to show their power against the Nepali citizen who are not armed, don’t force them to raise arms against your supporters. Please take back your strike as soon as possible.

True Nepalese, there was no reflection of any party

I want to study, please stop strike (that must be her slogan)

Yeah Nepal should be made strike free country now

I am here at New Road to participate in the peace rally, where are you? come join us.

I am here to show the world about the peace rally

Hello Banker, only moral support? thought you guys will be in this rally

Yes we do really need a long term peace

Hey maoist leaders, why did you cancel +2 exams?

Hey YCL guys see what people power looks like
(these were the same people who later attack the peace rally)

I wish to see peaceful Nepal before I die

This person was explaining to me how the tear gas came towards him

She was washing her eyes.
(damm police why they tried to make the situation horrible, it was a peace rally)

11 Responses to “We want Peace”

  1. niraj Says:

    thats gud 1 bro..hope it achieves wat it wanted .. .thats PEACE

  2. Aakar Says:

    Nice pictures and Nicely presented….
    We want peace….bt this MF Maiost doesnot understand what is peace…they don’t see people, rather they just see chairs… its too much…

  3. Sandesh Pradhan Says:

    Very nice ….we dont want Prachande or any other leader we want visionaries who can vision nepal n lead nepal to the new path with total dedication n commitment…

  4. Rames Says:

    Maosists r being selfish at this time they have done their work by dethroning and we should be thankful for that but now its time to come in main stream politics and stop these stupid acts like strikes and bandas. People with nepali flags on the roads just wants to live let them live Prachanda and all other politicians.

  5. Dani Says:

    Hope this peace rally will the All the people together.

  6. Sanjay Says:

    nepali ko chaha na
    santi ko kamana
    hope peace rally has shown some message to the leader

  7. sangesh Says:

    I think they heard people’s voice

  8. Raman Says:

    3 things to say to u gr8 gr8 and gr8 work keep it up mama

  9. Peasce is hard work Says:

    Hi fellow Nepalese friends,

    First congratulations friends. Peace is going to be hard. Courage, determination, sacrifice and vision. I think if this movement to succeed, this should not be a one day peace thing and the we all stand by when others take advantage of power, corruption and selfishness. Nepal is too beautiful country to be in this sad situation. The world will love and respect Nepal if you can have a government that will focus on people and future. My prayers to your movement.

  10. We want Peace | Today Headlines Says:

    […] strike which has been main obstacle for development of Nepal . … View original here: We want Peace Share […]

  11. Shritu Says:

    Impressive Dai
    Hopefully these idiots will get the message
    Just want to say still proud to be Nepali

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