Aug 07

I tried to create some HDR picture using Photomatix Pro 3 software. I have seen some great HDR but i am not able to make that type of picture. I wish if come one has good command in HDR and Photomatix Pro 3 then please let me know some tips and tricks to create WOW effect HDR.

Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall
Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall

The above picture, I took in RAW format and made it 3 jpg file with different exposure and then used tone mapping in Photomatix.

Thonburi Railway station Near Siriraj Hospital
Thonburi Railway station Near Siriraj Hospital

The above picture is taken from my dormitory just opposite to Thonburi Railway Station. We get a good view of Bangkok city and Rama 8 bridge. I took 3 different RAW picture with different exposure and then used Photomatix to create this picture. In the below picture I used same raw file and in WHITE BALANCE option I made it cloudy.

So friends if you have any idea how can I make these picture more good looking then please give me the tricks.

5 Responses to “Trying to make some HDR pictures”

  1. pradhumna Says:

    wow dai dami cha.

  2. pradhumna Says:

    malai ta yeti pani banauna aaudaina
    malai pani sekai denu na kasari yesto photo banaune

  3. ametya Says:

    it would be nice if you had described what is HDR and the photomatrix software too…..

  4. aldon @ orient lodge Says:

    I use a Nokia N900 cellphone and I’ve done a little HDR photography with it. I set up the phone to take five photographs at different exposure settings and then merge them together into a single HDR photograph. I haven’t taken any really nice ones yet, however.

  5. Digital Rebel350 Says:

    Hi, try to use lightroom, use your original photo and in lightroom, save a copy of your original photo with diverse stop (es: +1+2+3 and -1-2-3). After, use photomatix and try to make your hdr image

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