Nov 22

It’s been almost 5 months I have been living in Bangkok. I have heard about the Thai culture from childhood and many of them are similar to our Hindu culture.

Yesterday I observed the first Thai festival called Loi Krathong. It is always a fun to participate in festival and take pictures for me. Actually I was curious to know about this festival and how they celebrate.

The floating lights on the river reminded me of Haridwar where at the time of evening prayer people floats lights at Ganga River. The way fire crackers were making sounds it reminded me of Deepawali. For me the main attraction was the flying lights, it covered all the sky and really looked awesome.

The other thing that caught my eye was systematic way to protect the river from getting polluted. There were many people collecting the remains that were float over there river and dump them at a certain place.
If we talk about Bagmati River, it has become a big dumping site of Kathmandu and I have never seen anyone aware of making it clean during festival time. Not only Bagmati but other major river either at chaat or when they give final good bye to Durga Bhawani statue made at the time of Dashai.

Light to bring brightness on the dark side of Human Nature

We use this flower on Bhai Tika

This reminded me of Haridwar’s evening prayer time

Is it Chaat Pooja ?

Happy Deepawali Guys

Could not get the right angle to get Grand Palace under the Full Moon

Mission – Save the river

Bangkok city at the night of Loi Karthong


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