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Do every field need to be politicalized; Do they need to have political influence? Do people have rights to stay neutral towards politics?

One thing I never understood is the influence of politics everywhere.

Education Field

Our Tribhuwan University and campuses under it are the most affected example of dirty politics.
If I am not wrong then the student unions on campuses and universities are to raise voice and work for the welfare of the students, of that campus or the university. In our country Nepal what are these student unions doing? They are one of those who do most of the strike, shut down not only campus and university but also schools.

Why we need main party stream’s student union in universities, let the student select the best people from their college to represent them. Campus is not a place to do main stream politics and it is not a place where politicians go and give lecture on their party’s motivation to influence students while they do SAT prep. Let the schools, campus and universities make free of politically motivated activities and let the student complete their study in a rather peaceful environment.

I appreciate the student’s movement that brought the changes in Nepal in the year 2036 B.S. and 2046 B.S. without their strong support the country would not have got rid of the autonomous Panchayat system.

Now Nepal is a fully democratic country, let the students, often called future of the nation get regular classes and exam in a regular time. Why are the so called student leaders does not hear the pain of the students (if I am not wrong all the students leaders are above 30 and who have completed master’s degree and still they join college to become a leader and who never attend the classes). Last month they postpone the running exams of the university for student union (Maoist affiliated ) annual meeting.

Not only in campus, now, even the government schools have been attacked by these political party. Each government school has a body to run the school beside administrative staffs. They are selected from the parents and guardians of the students. Even in this we see political movement. Do we need politics in school for quality education?

We never heard a headmaster was threaten for not approving a budget or not selecting a party favored candidate as teacher or staff in past, but if we see recent news, one headmaster lost his child for such a case.

In schools we need a good teacher rather than someone politically motivated person to teach students who knows in future if in parliamentary election if the teacher’s favor party loose and with that party’s influence, he or she might stay on strike and not teach? That can be a possible case.

Few months back, Tribhuwan university raised the student fees and the students union were against it, even they put black ink on the face of the Dean and rector of the university. Is that what these teachers teach us in school and campus? Off course not, but these students did it. For me it was like putting back that black ink in my own face.

University had a good reason for raising the fees. To give good education we need good teachers and to get good teacher we need to pay them good salary. It is a chain reaction. Without goof fund, nothing can operate well. Look at the education scenario of Nepal, after completing +2 all students wants to go abroad, at least India for quality education and to get rid of all these political strikes.

Staff Union

Staff unions are those who work for the benefit of the staff. I think 1 union is enough to raise voice of all the staff. But why we need more than 1 staff union in one organization? why all of these union are politically motivated?

There was a debate that Maoist people’s army should not be merged with the Nepal Army because the Maoist people’s army are politically motivated, it will unbalance the system of the organization.

But if we see organizations in Nepal they all have more than 1 staff union, and ask them how many of them are really working for staff’s benefit? Most of them run under political influence according to their mother party instructions.

Once I heard that there was a staff in one of a leading organization of Nepal. He was never spotted working. He used to say when his favor party was in government “my party is in the government, who can take action on me let’s see” and he used to do no work and when the opposition were in government he used to say “opposition are in government, why should i work for them”.

See the mentality of people in our country, this way Nepal will never progress.

I wish, for Nepal’s development we should ask these politicians to stop all these nonsense activities at schools, colleges, universities and organizations which is obstructing day to day activities of the students, teachers, staff and other workers. If they want to put their parties view then just have their own party camp where interested people will join them and listen to them. Please stop interfering every sector with politics. We want peaceful and prosperous country, not a failed country.

Jai Nepal

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  1. ?????? Says:

    I would like to say one thing. Did you knew that “Panchayat system was autonomous ” ? How can you just judge the whole system by what the bunch of politicians said. You believed in what they said, why should there be politics everywhere if people like you believe anything.

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