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Scorpions performing live in Thailand - 2011

I love rock music, from the early age when I started listening to music. I was introduced to the music of Def Leppard, Ozzy Osbourne, GN’R, Metallica and many to name here. One of them was Scorpions; their power ballads, their love songs, you can feel their music and lyrics. After I heard their music, I’ve always wanted to attend some of those live concerts in Vegas where they performed.

When MTV was introduced in Nepal, watching the rock bands’ songs and their concert videos was one of my passions. By that time, I had a dream that at least I will attend one rock concert of my favorite band in my life. I had one opportunity to watch Metallica when I was in Bay Area in San Francisco, but due to some problem, I could not watch them.

Right now, I am in Bangkok for my studies, and I was sure some bands will perform here, and I was determined to attend one of them. Meantime, there is news that one of the legendary singers Bryan Adams is going to perform in Kathmandu. I was so sad that I am going to miss this historic moment. To add up to this disappointment, I heard that there are concerts lined up in Bangkok from Eagles, Santana, Eric Clapton and Slash and due to my exams schedule, I am sure to miss them too.

But luckily from nowhere, I heard in Thai FM about Scorpions and they were going to perform here. I was so excited to hear about their farewell concert at Impact arena in Bangkok. I right away bought the ticket.

Scorpions live in Impact Arena, Bangkok, Thailand

On 10th Feb, 2011, I went to attend this concert with my friends. It was like a dream come true. I felt as if I were  dreaming when Klaus Meine with his powerful vocal came up with their new song “Sting in the tail.” The front row crowd went wild after the band and everybody lend him the voice while he was singing. I wanted to be wild and bang my head with the rhythm of their song “Rock You like a Hurricane,” but I could not enjoy to my fullest, as the Thai crowd was not as wild as I thought they would be.

As the Scorpions went on with their hit songs like “Send Me an Angel,” “Always Somewhere,” “Still Loving You,” the environment of the arena was just unbelievable. I felt that this moment will carry on forever. When Klaus Meine told the story what made them to write the song “Wind of Change” and whistled the intro of the song, I felt that was the moment I was waiting for my whole life, the moment to torch on the light, wave your hand and sing the song.

“I follow the Moskva
Down to Gorky Park
Listening to the wind of change
An August summer night
Soldiers passing by
Listening to the wind of change”

Watch Concert Video

The other song that excited the crowd was “Holiday”, whole arena was singing with the singer

“Let me take you far away
You’d like a holiday
Let me take you far away
You’d like a holiday”

Video of Holiday – Live in concert

Video of Always Somewhere
They concluded their concert with the song “Big City Nights,” a tribute to the Bangkok City. I think this will be the first and last concert that I have attended because the band is going to take retirement after this world tour.

Scorpions Concert - Impact Arena, Bangkok Thailand

Salute to Scorpions
You guys always rock us.

Scorpions Farewell Tour 2011 - Impact Arena, Bangkok Thailand

** update 20th august 2011: It is still not updated in Scorpions’ website about the concert date but Nepali organizer JPR have confirmed the date of scorpions concert is on 14th October 2011 and venue yet to be decided. Wow really excited about it, I will be in Kathmandu, Nepal at this time will love to attend their concert and rock 🙂

** i think it was a fake news, when I arrived in KTM there is no news about it. Why does media publish such fake news 🙁



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  2. Aakar Says:

    Hope you have enjoyed a lot. And its great that for the first time you have attend Scorpions Rock Concert for the first time. Its a good, start.ha ha
    In-fact, I don’t like Rock Music though sometime unknowingly I listen to Nepali Rock Song.

  3. ashish Says:

    Babaal cha saathi ,,,, ramaeelo bhayo hola ? missed it.

  4. Bryan Adams Says:

    bryan adam’s concert cancelled

  5. AJ Says:

    I feel you bro. i was there happy to say in the reont row,on the left side just opposite to the stairs where Rudolf goes up too. the moset epic moment for me and my firends was when Rudolf, Matthias and Paweł stood in like directly infront of us playing their guitars with klaus joining them and air-guitaring looking at us giving us \m/ sighn, that was one of the highlights of the conserts for me. just felt like to share that with you since it has been one of your dreams and it was one of mine, although we come from diffrent worlds music gathers us all, and thats what scorpions all about.
    Cheers, and remember ROCK AND ROLL FOR EVER…

  6. mrigesh Says:

    Nice !!!
    Hey Hey, My My, Rock & Roll will Never Die.

  7. flake Says:

    I saw them at jones beach theyre great

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