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Hisila Yami, Babu Ram Bhattrai, Michelle Obama and Barack ObamaPicture taken from

We all Nepali have a positive thinking about our current Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai. He is currently in official visit to United State to attend United Nations General assembly. His party is still listed as terrorist by the American government but he is in official visit to USA as a Nepali Prime Minister.

All the Nepalese are happy to have him as a prime minister as we hope he can do something for this country. His wife Mrs. Hisila Yami is also communist leader who was a minister in previous government of Nepal.

Today I saw a picture of this lovely couple taken during their meeting with The President of the United States Mr. Barak Obama and his wife. It’s saddening the way our Prime Minister and his wife dressed up. The world knows Nepal as the country which has multi diversity in culture and tradition. We have so many ethnic dresses and just few weeks ago the country had a debate on which dress should be called national dress.

I think this picture played with nationalism and emotion of all Nepalese. Dr.  Baburam and Hisila yami are not just communist leaders any more, Dr. Baburam is prime minister and Hisila Yami his wife.  Look at the dress she has worn. Yeah we all have human rights and who am I to say that is wrong dress to wear in such a meeting. She may have felt that this is a time to show the world that Nepal has changed, girls have more liberty as we see her hair style is already like a boy’s cut and now dress like a men. May be she want to give the world the message that Nepali woman are not backward,  we have changed Nepal with our revolution.

Today the way she dressed,  it has hurt a lot to me. At least all nepali would have felt proud if she had worn any traditional Nepali dress from any ethnic group of Nepal. She is the same lady who could wear haku patasi on Indra Jatra  last week. What would have happen if she had worn that same dress today? I think if she has done that then the whole nation would have been proud of her.

Many political party are against Daura Suruwal, they say it is a dress of Kings. But i think this same dress has created a unique identity of Nepali men all around the world. None of the other country people wear Daura Suruwal except the Nepalese. I think we should have a strong debate on our national dress.

Today I felt that now we Nepali don’t have anything to show the world that it’s Nepali or this thing is the identity of being a Nepali.

Jai Nepal
P.S. I am looking for her photo wearing haku patasi, if any one have it then please give me the link.

4 Responses to “Nepal does not have it’s National Dress, it has been proved”

  1. sangesh Says: see this link too

  2. parihash Says:

    As the new minister panel there is no nayional dress every dress is national dress…

  3. Brajesh Says:

    Watch the speech and stop nagging on the dress. People are free to choose whatever dress they feel comfortable for such high meeting. Respect and support the good thoughts and plans he has, not personally or partywise.

    I bet if they had worn ethnic or national dress in that picture, you would have posted the same picture with some funny comments underneath it. So, what they were international benchmark attire which is absolutely fine and looked fit for a program of that impact.

  4. sangesh Says:

    published on 20th jan 2013

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