Oct 05

 Taleju Bhawani - Night viewTaleju Bhawani

Nawami day of Dashai is the time many people in Kathmandu visit Taleju Bhawani situated inside Basantapur Durbar. This is the day when this temple is open whole day for public to worship. Today I wanted to capture some night shots of this temple and around Basantapur. Here are some picture which I took so that many my friends who are abroad and missing Dashai.

Wish you all “Happy Bijaya Dashami”

   Swet Bhairav

Swet Bhairav

Taleju temple


Kaal BhairavKaal Bhairav

Kaal Bhairav

Kaal Bhairav

Kaal Bhairav


4 Responses to “Dashai’s nawami evening around Basantapur and Taleju Bhawani”

  1. Dhiraj Says:

    Taleju pic is great

  2. A. Shrestha Says:

    Nice job sangesh…….

  3. parihash Says:


  4. Aakar Says:

    Taleju pic is awesome.

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