Oct 29

I went to Basantapur to capture some moments at day and night time.This is a world heritage site, we have five story palace, Taleju Bhawani Temple, Kumari Ghaar and Hanuman Dhoka. Hippie era’s famous freak street also lies around this area.

While Taking picture at night, I felt something was missing here. This is a world heritage site and we can attract lots of tourist here at night too but that time I did not find a single tourist around.

I wish if the concerns authority of  Basantapur Durbar square do something to promote tourist activities at night in this area. I was visualizing how would the Taleju Bhawani Temple and Nine Story Palace looks if they use some Flood lights there, or use some focus light at Gaddi Baithak.

My Pride My Nepal - BasantapurMy Pride My Nepal

World Heritage site KathmanduMy Friends in front of world Heritage site

Kumari GharHouse of Living Goddess Kumari

GAddi Baithak and Traffic trails photography

Gaddi Baithak and Traffic trails photography

3 Responses to “Spending sometime around Basantapur”

  1. Aakar Says:

    Basantapur looks awesome in the evening, however sad to know that there were no tourist in the evening.
    Thanks for pictures. 🙂

  2. purusotam Says:

    daami cha saathi

  3. Nepali Dude Says:

    Hello! I’m making a list of interesting Nepali Bloggers (http://wp.me/P1Zlr8-j) and you’ve made it to my list.

    Please give me a brief description of your blog so that I can put it in there.

    I hope to raise a self-aware Nepali blogging community by doing so.

    Keep up the great work.


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