Nov 24

Patan Durbar Square is one of the world heritage site in Nepal which is recognized by UNESCO. It is one of the oldest city of Kathmandu valley. It is always a good time going around to these heritage sites with friends. I just wanted to share some of the picture from Patan Durbar Square, Mangalbazar and few photographs taken during Kartik Naach festival which is celebrated every year at this place. There are many temples around this area, the major being the Krishna Mandir temple. Right now many renovation work is going around to maintain the cultural heritage in this area.

Krishna Mandir

Krishna Mandir temple at Patan

Patan Durbar Square

Mangal Bazar

Bench around mangalbazar for visitors to sit


Big Bell of Patan

Mangal baazar

water stand for firefighters

We rarely see this thing now-a-days

Mangal Baazar - Night photography

Mangal Baazar – Night photography

Below are few of the photographs taken from Kartik Naach 2011

ictures from Kartik Naach 2011

Kartik Naach 2011

Kartik Naach

Kartik Naach event - 2011

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    bench photo is really amazing

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    Yes, Subin,. I liked it too.. Very Nice Pics…

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