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Pollution at Banglamukhi temple

I am a regular visitor to Banglamukhi Temple at Patan. Every time I am there I always see plastic bag laying around the temple premises  dumped by people who buy the diyo (traditional butter lamps). It makes the environment of the temple very much polluted and messy. These plastic bags are very small to use for some other purpose beside carrying very small things.

Pollution @ banglamukhi temple

I always thought how we can overcome with this situation over there. Last year I had an idea why not just give back the plastic bag to the seller back so that they and reuse it. If we see, it has two advantage

  • The environment gets clean
  • The shopkeeper can save some money by reusing the plastic bags.

Reuse of Plastic bags by returning to seller

My friend Mr. Subin Kushle returning the plastic bag

So I have been doing this work since last year and my friends have joined me in this event of reusing the plastic bags by returning it to the ladies who sell the diyo.

It is our responsibility to make the environment clean rather than blaming others, hope all my friends who reads this blog will try to reuse the plastic bags and make the environment clean. To find more information on reusable bags follow the link given | promotional rpet bag – fully customized.

4 Responses to “Reuse of the plastic bag and make the environment clean”

  1. parihash Says:

    like it very much your idea……………

  2. S.K. Says:

    a little bit of creativity and that saves our heritage sites form litter and pollution..

  3. Neelu Says:

    Hello Sangesh

    I will be using your blogs for publications at the Himalayan Times , as I found them interesting I hope you wont have any objections.

  4. sangesh Says:

    Hello Neelu

    You can use my blogs for publications, i hope your will refer them as your source

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