Mar 13

I love football, from childhood I have been attached with this game. There are many reasons behind it. First of all in a distance of 100 meter from my home I have my club “Friends Club Of Kopundole”, I am 1000 meter away from National Stadium, and last but not the least we had sufficient ground to play football (now only engineering campus ground).

National Football League of NepalGame between Three Star Club and MMC

I have been watching most of the important national games and international games that are held in Kathmandu. Before the satellite television was introduced, if you have ever been to Dasrath stadium, it used to be full with supporters. At that time every match used to be interesting. People at that time hardly got chance to watch any international league games. So we were happy with our own show and level. Later Nepal television started showing Bundesliga every Saturday afternoon with the help of German Embassy.

Now let’s talk about the problem in Nepali football from my side.

  • We have one standard national league and if we see almost all team are Kathmandu based.
  • No regular league for a long period.
  • Players are not busy all year round like in Europe, we only have a league game which last for 2-3 months on daily basis game.
  • In past there were teams from Janakpur Cigarette Factory, Royal Nepal Airlines and these team used to support players. Even now if we see I feel players from both Police clubs and army clubs have secure future. Only few players have a good earning from football.
  • Football culture is there in Nepal but players are not 100% to football because there is no secure future. Every one likes to have a secure future, if you spend your youth in football and there is nothing for you in future, then who would like to play. There are many good players who are abroad doing their higher education or working.
  • Schools still thinks sports are not for career making, it’s for physical fitness that is why there is no strong sports competition between school, universities and colleges.

These are just few points which I think is affecting in development of football in Nepal. Even now ANFA and Nepal government does not make any move on developing football or any kind of sports we will never be a proud nation in sports.

Here are few things which I think can improve the football level of our country.

  • The concept of national league by ANFA is good move, it just started and we have to wait few years to see it’s result.
  • Big Clubs Stop hiring foreign player, invest that money in your players and youth academy. If we take words from Indian coach he said that he had no choice in selection of player from Indian league as they have many foreign players and that is not doing good for Indian football. (Nepali clubs are not hiring players who have top club level experiences so I don’t think there is a point in hiring them to improve our level, it will just give a pride moment for a club to win a competition with help of foreigners)
  • Players should be busy all the year round, they only play competitive game for 3 months and other time may be just practice few weeks before major competition. I would like to suggest ANFA to have league games on Friday and Saturday so that the league time long enough for players to make busy, attract enough of supporters to visit stadium to watch the game.
  • There should be a good sports environment in schools and universities and colleges all over Nepal (we have school level competition going on, I hope to see good result from it in future) ANFA should support school by providing coach and technical assistance. If we see outside Nepal there are big competition between universities and school and they do produce good players.
  • Yeah now we lack football playing ground, until 15 years ago there were many place where children could play but now we see concrete Kathmandu, and even kids do not play out door games, they are hung up with computers, PSP and some other indoor electronic games which is really a serious part for future of sports in Nepal.
  • Lastly, we have many players going abroad for higher studies and work. So until and unless Nepal is stable, have good job opportunity, good education system for higher studies without strikes and shut down of school and colleges I don’t see any development in Nepal.

Education and sports can go side by side, see the example of  Dennis Bergkamp, while he was playing for Arsenal he was doing his Mechanical Engineering at The University of Bath (source

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  1. Sambid Sharma Says:

    nice article..if you have more Nepali photos and videos to share…then share it on Ktmtube …the best place for Nepalese people to share videos and photos…thanks!!

  2. suraj rimal Says:

    Nepal will be the best team very soon!
    Keep it up Nepali team!

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