Jan 01

First of all I would like to wish Happy New Year 2013.

I always wanted to do some street photography at unknown city, Phnom Penh, Combodia turn out to be a perfect place to try some street photography for me. Many People might have different views on street photography, but for me i just tried to capture some moments that i saw while walking around this city.

I have no idea about the norms of street photography, but I love to take picture so that the subject does not notice, but it is hard when you walk around with 50 mm lens. As you see some people just smiled at my camera when they noticed it, but at times they turned their face down or hide, so I felt bad and did not take their pictures. Anyway, enjoy my shots and if you have any suggestion then please let me know. I  wanna improve them in my next unknown city tour.

The charming city of Phnom Penh
The Charming City Phnom Penh

Royal Palace

Bikes for city ride

Cowboy with a human powered three wheeler

Wish the streets of the world soon be free from such condition of the children

Smiles that makes the city charming

Combodian Hybrid Tuk Tuk

I saw Lexus Brand more than these rickshaw on the street

What do you think, does she goes to school?

In Cambodia and no picture of a Monk, impossible

Common Scenario of under develop and developing country around the world

City in Black and white view

3 Responses to “Street Photography on the street of Phnom Penh, Cambodia”

  1. Aimal Masoomy Says:

    thats a really Impresive shots U take It… I really like it ..But Bikes for Cities, Kesi ki yad dela dat’i hia… :'(

  2. Nasir Says:

    awsome, fantastic, mind blowing, superb,

  3. Mrigesh Says:

    Nice..one of the nicest pictures of yours.. I looooove these kind of photos.. Unknown city and unknown faces.. Just click click click… Picture perfect… Gives you sense of the life of people and place..

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