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May 03

Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) trek is one of the most attractive trek route in the world. Every year thousands of internal and external tourist trek around this route. In my opinion not having enough skip bin hire rockingham is one of the major issue in this route.

I was surprised by the waste management system operational there, and I think it is working pretty well. The waste management over there were clearly following the example of junk removals in Glasgow, because their system is efficient. There are many bins kept throughout route so that trekkers can drop the waste in it, and many trekkers did use of them but I found some of them who were careless. Visit dumposaurus.com/austin-dumpster-rental-prices-sizes for it.

DSC_5333 (Custom)

There were plastic bottles, wrappers just left here and there. I was wondering why people are so careless; it’s neither a city nor village where people have waste management system. Who is going to pick them (now I felt sorry maybe I should have picked them).

But there were some trekkers who really love Nepal, trekking and concerned of the cleanliness of the route. I saw one Russian man Mr. Alexander who was collecting all these bottles and wrappers with the help of his porter. I heartily gave him a salute for collecting the waste on the route.

Waste needs to be managed efficiently which is why it is important that skip bins are available on roads. Know more about skip bins Sydney here.

DSC_4918 (Custom)

Mr. Alexander with his porter

When I asked the hotels about the waste management they collect all the garbage and send them back to city. I saw a garbage collecting center at Chhommrong. I could not inquiry about it, but my guess is that may be at this center all the garbage beyond this place is collected and then send back to city on horseback because horses are not allowed beyond this place in this trek route. Imports of any kind of drinks on plastic bottle are band in this route, which is a very good step from Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) under National trust for nature conservation (NTNC). This does not mean that we cannot carry plastic bottles, we can take them but we have to be a responsible trekker and should dump them at the right place.

DSC_5434 (Custom)

waste collection center at chhommrong

I hope in coming days People like Mr. Alexander don’t need to do extra job and enjoy his trek and other trekkers will be responsible and will dump the plastic wrappers at the right place where bins are kept for collection of such waste.

here is one picture from Hans Ricour from 500px.com where you can see plastic coke bottle

3 Responses to “Waste management on the way to Annapurna base camp”

  1. Subin Says:

    Acap has done a good job keeping things organized throuhiut the route. Let this be a message for those ppl who litter on trekking routes

  2. hans ricour Says:

    nice little info about the waste management!

    i’m going back to nepal in my next trip and going to do the ABC. Before i was in nepal i went to panchassee and did garbage collection as well at the tower viewpoint. it felt pretty good doing it and i think i will do it again! 🙂

  3. sangesh Says:

    Thanks Hans Ricour for the love towards Nepal. As a trekkers i think we should be aware about pollution and manage our self and left people like you and Mr Alexander to enjoy their trek instead of collecting garbage .

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