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Boudha Nath Stupa on the evening of Buddha Jayanti

World Heritage site - Boudha Nath StupaBoudha Nath Stupa

I always wanted to have some evening shots of Boudha Nath Stupa. It is one of the World Heritage Site listed by UNESCO. This year on the day of Buddha Jayanti i got this opportunity. Me and my friends Mr. Rukesh Shrestha, Mr. Samir Pradhananga and Mr. Pritush Maharjan were lucky enough to get the perfect place to capture some moments. I would like to thank the person from Sakura Restaurant who allowed us to go to their rooftop so that we can take some shots. It’s really sad that the potential tourist destination like Boudha have time limit for the visitors and devotees to spend time on the stupa, as they were asked to leave the stupa premises after 8 p.m. Me and Samir had some concept to take the picture from the inside premises of the stupa but we could not do it due to this rule. Hope some day we go again and request the guards to get our dream shot.

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