May 31

I was amazed by this shot – a spider hanging by the web

I always wanted to have some macro photography. Due to lack of macro lens I could not get the desired macro shots from the tele lens that I have. Today we went to Godawari Botanical Garden for Photo Walk with macro theme. Many thanks for Mr. Om Yadav dai for making this theme possible today. Om dai is the person who is initiating weekly Photo Walk program among enthusiast photographers in the Kathmandu valley.

I used my 80-200 mm lens but was not satisfied with the macro shots I was shooting from it. Finally after my friend Mr. Samir Pradhananga who finished shooting his macro shots let me borrowed his 90 mm macro lens.

As I start taking the shots (took only few shots as we were in hurry to return back home) I was telling myself wow to every shot that I took from that lens. I think I will get addicted to macro photography soon and I need to get one macro lens soon. Time to save some money to get macro lens.

Here are few of the shots that I took from the macro lens. Hope you enjoy my macro photography.

Macro photogrpahy of a fly
Flies are everywhere and when we shoot their macro …. no words

Tele lens vs Macro lens
Example why 80-200 is not for macro, so I need a dedicated macro lens

Shot of a grasshopper and a flower through a Tele lens
but for such shot it’s a good lens

Shooting a dragon fly through my camera
Dragon Fly, miss playing with them in my garden. We hardly get them in the city now

A bug captured through the macro lens
A Bugs life

A cactus looks beautiful through macro lens

A small flower in macro lens
A small flower in macro level

3 Responses to “My First Macro Photography at Godawari Botanical Garden”

  1. pritush Says:

    😀 …105mm macro lens thats the new investment for you buddy 😀 ….cheers

  2. Mrigesh Says:

    Impressive pictures !!!

  3. Al Mamun Says:

    Some unseen photo, thanks for share.

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