Jul 28

Patan Durbar under renovationsPatan Durbar, still on renovation

I have not been to many museum, but the one at Patan Durbar is worth full to visit once. There are still renovation going inside the palace, which will increase its importance in future. Due to some technical problem, I was not able to capture things kept inside the museum.

Patan Museum is quite well maintained, there are many information on Newar cultural arts and crafts and history. It contains many historical artifacts which have been well preserved. It is one of the main tourist attraction in Kathmandu valley which invites thousands of foreign visitors every month.

Here are some picture of Krishna Mandir taken from inside the Palace and some example of Newar arts and crafts which is still alive in Kathmandu Valley.

A replica of Krishna Mandir inside the Durbar
Replica of Krishna Mandir, inside Durbar

Wood carving at it's best - Patan Durbar
Wood carving at it’s best

Inside Patan Durbar

Krishna Mandir as seen from inside Patan Durbar

Front view of Krishna Mandir from Patan Durbar
Krishna Mandir

Silhouette shot in the Patan Durbar Square

Black & white shot from the Durbar

Black & white shot of Krishna Mandir from inside the Durbar

Patan Durbar a view

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