Aug 17

Taudaha Lake with horizon in the background


It is believed that Taudaha is the remnant pool of a huge lake that once existed where the current city of Kathmandu sits. Buddhist mythology is related to this belief. In this mythology , it is said that the mythical character Manjushree cut the hill at Chobhar near south of the Kathmandu valley so that the water of the lake gets drain off, which made possible for human to occupy the land for settlement. It is one of the place where migratory bird stop over during the time of their migration.

This is not the time to capture the migratory birds so I could not capture any of the picture. This place is also popular place among teenagers and love birds who wants some peaceful silent moment to spend some time together. I took some peaceful moment there, hope you will enjoy the pictures.

Wide angle view of lake Taudaha

View of the lake

Walking trails on the banks of Taudaha

A tree at the center of the lake

3 Responses to “Taudaha – The remnant of the big lake”

  1. Mri Says:

    Sangesh !!! Nice Pics & Colours !!! are these photoshoped? Is Thaudha in Chovaar?

  2. sangesh Says:

    did some post processing 🙂

  3. sangesh Says:

    taudaha is after chovar, the small pond we see on the way to dakshinkali

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