Sep 08

Kumari - The Living Goddess
Living Goddess Kumari

Festivals are always with colors, smile and fun. Nepal is a country with lots of festivals and Indra Jatra is one of the main festival from Kathmandu valley. It had a long history with bitter truth, but still people celebrate this big festival and try to forget about that bitter truth. This was the day when the Kingdom of Kathmandu was anxed to Gorkha Kingdom by King Prithivi Naryan Shah.

Chariot getting ready for the Indra Jatra festival

Nepal Police, Suzuki bikes
That’s what our Police Force got, SUZUKI

Army men are everywhere handsome

Poor Lion Head, nothing bad happen in the accident but lost one of the Lion protecting the Kumari Ghaar. Felt bad about that feet on the head of Lion

Watching the festival from Kumari Ghaar

Indra Jatra festival, Pulukisi and local people enjoying the Indra Jatra festival
Pulukisi and guys one of the fun part of the festival

Missed to capture her cute face

Swet Bhairab - Indra Jatra festival
That’s the face of Anger

Festivals with out girls and their dance in treditional Haku Patasi, can’t imagine of it

Namaskar to Living Goddess Kumari

Nepal Army musical band member getting ready for National Anthem

Miss the President, but not Prime Minister in action at the festival

These are the people who are going to draft our new constitution

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  1. Samir Says:

    Very nice collections. I almost felt like I was there. The first image is the main attraction of the entire photos. And, look at the change in quality of the pics. that your last photos from the same festival. Great Improvement.

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