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Temple of Bajrayogini

Month of Magh and Sali nadi is like synonyms. As hindus in Nepal worship goddess Swasthani and read story about her, many hindu devotees take fasting for a month and worship Madhavnaryan.

I happen to go to Sali nadi this year after a long gap. It was late afternoon, I could not see much action to capture by my camera. So, after worshiping the river I went to Bajrayogini temple north form the city of Sakhu.

Here is a short information on the Temple of Bajrayogini from the website site www.roughguides.com

Bajra Yogini is the eldest of a ferocious foursome of tantric goddesses specially venerated in the Kathmandu Valley. To Buddhist Newars – her main devotees – she is identified with Ugratara, the wrathful, corpse-trampling emanation of Tara, one of the female aspects of Buddhahood. Hindus identify her as Durga (Kali), the most terrifying of the eight mother goddesses. She’s also known as Khadga Yogini, for the sword (khadga) held in her right hand.

Swasthani devotees
Swasthani devotees

The current Bajra Yogini temple dates from the seventeenth century, though the smaller building next to it is more ancient: indeed, its natural stone dome may well be the original seventh- century object of worship at this site. The stone just to the right of the temple door is a nag (snake) shrine.

Mobile Photography - Please take my picture
Mobile Photography – Please take my picture

Stairway to Bajrayogini Temple
Stairway to Bajrayogini Temple

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