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Kotdanda, A place to be once to view mountain range and Kathmandu valley

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Kotdanda is a hilltop south of Kathmandu valley. Famous Bisankhunaryan temple resides in this hill. I had been to this place 10 years back.

After visiting this place today, I felt lots of changes there. The first thing I observed is, there is a good road access to reach the place, the old houses were damaged by the earthquake in 2015, so lots of new concrete houses are constructed. Before, I didn’t see any tourism promoting activities, but the night now they have an homestay system so that people can visit the place and spend some time.

Today my main objective to visit this place was to take some panoramic view picture of the Himalaya range from Mount Annapurna to Mount Lakpa Dorje and see how much of a change in Kathmandu in the name of development and migration of people.
I wanted to reach the hilltop before the sunrise, but due to change in the route to reach there, it took a little more time than what I expected. Though the weather was clear, may be due to air pollution in Kathmandu valley, there was a huge difference in what I saw the Kathmandu valley 10 years back from the same place. I even could not even find Tribhuwan International Airport this time.

Migration of people from outside Kathmandu has made the Kathmandu valley left with very few cultivating land. Before I saw lots of free lands with crop growing where as now the places have turned into a concrete jungle.

Here are some pictures, hope you will love them and it will encourage you to be at Kotdanda someday in future.


Kathmandu valley and Himalaya

Ganesh Himal

Lakpa Dorje Himal

Development brings destruction

Annapurna Range

Annapurna range with Fishtail mountain

Kathmandu valley seen under Manaslu and Annapurna

Santaneshwore Mahadev Temple







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