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Opening Ceremony of 13th South Asian Games 2019

It has been 20 years since I first witness the South Asian Games in Kathmandu. I Still have good memory of that event. I had made a 15 feet long Nepal’s Flag which I carried in every football match Nepal played. I wish I still had that flag but during the Royal Massacre my mom gave that flag to the crowd during the riots that held in Kathmandu.

This year I did not had any plans to watch the Opening ceremony as the construction of the infrastructure for the games was not satisfactory. But when I saw the fireworks during the rehearsal time, I wanted to capture the fire works and stadium from Eye hospital area.

I was lucky enough that my friend Purushotam called me and asked me if I am interested to join him and go Dasarath Stadium to watch the opening ceremony. I was so happy to join him. Around 4:30 we enter the stadium. Before we enter, I had the vision where I need to stay and set up my tripod to capture the fireworks.

At the entrance I was frowning due to the behaviors of the people who wanted to enter the stadium. they were not in the que even after the security force were asking them to stay in single line. After we enter the stadium, to my surprise the location I had selected to go for photography was reserved for the players. We were not allowed to go that side. I requested the volunteers to let me go there as I am here just to capture few pictures of fireworks. Finally, one of the allowed me to go south side of the stadium.

I stayed with the artist who were performing on this ceremony. capture few pictures of these participant and the stadium before it got dark. The stadium looked different than it used to be before. It was a total renovation with the help of Chinese government. Even in 1999, the Chinese government did some renovation work in the stadium.

It was a proud moment for all Nepali sports lovers and players. After 20 years Nepal was organizing the game for the 3rd time. The way the ceremony held it looked Nepal did a good work in short time.

After the march pass of the participating nations, the cultural program was performed. To my surprise, beside Nepalese, all other nation players left the stadium . I felt sad because this whole show for them and it was kind of disrespect for the host country.

All the people who were present at the stadium enjoyed the cultural program and laser light dance. the final performance from the singer Deepak Bajracharya was outstanding and I felt finally a pop singer is well recognized by the Nation.

All the Nepalese should be thank full to Nepal Olympic Committee to held such a overwhelming opening ceremony in short period of time .

Now lets talk about the fireworks. I was bit disappointed as a photographer the way fireworks went. At first they fired few fire works during torch light up and oath ceremony. I wished they has continues fireworks for minutes . At the end they fulfill my wish with continues fire works but at that time all four stadium light were on and in such situation fireworks can not be capture well . Still I have capture some pictures and videos. Please check it and share

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