May 05

I am still here, i am your Hope I am your dream I am your eyes of peace

25th April 2015, marked as a black day in the history of Nepal as we were struck by a 7.9 magnitude earthquake. I want to write my experience on this but i don’t have words to describe it.

It’s the day we lost our ancient culture and heritage. Beside the human casualties, we lost many of our Temples, Palace and small town full of history.

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May 08

Thank You guys for your help

This day will be recorded in the history book of Kathmandu valley. Bagmati River is important part of this valley. Since last few decades many parts of this river were illegally capture by people at different places in the name of homeless people, so called sukumbasi.

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Mar 13

I love football, from childhood I have been attached with this game. There are many reasons behind it. First of all in a distance of 100 meter from my home I have my club “Friends Club Of Kopundole”, I am 1000 meter away from National Stadium, and last but not the least we had sufficient ground to play football (now only engineering campus ground).

National Football League of NepalGame between Three Star Club and MMC

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Feb 12

Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon - 2011

It was a great experience to watch Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon 2011, Bangkok at 3 am. I was invited by our Nepali participant Mr. Mahendra Man Maharjan and his coach our veteran player Mr. Baikuntha Manandhar.

It was a memorable time to watch the start of the game and talk with Mr. Manandhar. He shared his past experience with me and my other friends Dr. Ashish Subedi from Nepal and Mr. Hilal and Mr. Alam from Pakistan. There were many runners from around the world of different age.

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Nov 30

The above picture was published on today’s Kantipur Daily Newspaper and the news says that these ducks were killed because they were effected by Bird Flu. We see in the picture that the healthcare official from the government are wearing a safety dress and killing the ducks. what about the kids who are watching it so closely? won’t they get effected by the Bird Flu?

Who should be blamed if these kids get effected? Hope such things will not happen in future.

Nov 23

I am a common man; I have my own thoughts and have rights to express them in my own way. I am not a person who has knowledge about geo politics but as an educated person the happenings things around my country and the world makes me think about them.

At present there is a big debate going on about Nepal future, how Nepal is going to be divided into different states. One of the proposed states is Awadh.

So what does Awadh means? I got some information about it from Wikipedia which states as follows:

State of Lumbini, Awadh and Tharuwan in red color

 State of Lumbini, Awadh and Tharuwan in red color
Picture taken from

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Sep 24

Hisila Yami, Babu Ram Bhattrai, Michelle Obama and Barack ObamaPicture taken from

We all Nepali have a positive thinking about our current Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai. He is currently in official visit to United State to attend United Nations General assembly. His party is still listed as terrorist by the American government but he is in official visit to USA as a Nepali Prime Minister.

All the Nepalese are happy to have him as a prime minister as we hope he can do something for this country. His wife Mrs. Hisila Yami is also communist leader who was a minister in previous government of Nepal.

Today I saw a picture of this lovely couple taken during their meeting with The President of the United States Mr. Barak Obama and his wife. It’s saddening the way our Prime Minister and his wife dressed up. The world knows Nepal as the country which has multi diversity in culture and tradition. We have so many ethnic dresses and just few weeks ago the country had a debate on which dress should be called national dress.

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