Feb 12

Scorpions performing live in Thailand - 2011

I love rock music, from the early age when I started listening to music. I was introduced to the music of Def Leppard, Ozzy Osbourne, GN’R, Metallica and many to name here. One of them was Scorpions; their power ballads, their love songs, you can feel their music and lyrics.

When MTV was introduced in Nepal, watching the rock bands’ songs and their concert videos was one of my passions. By that time, I had a dream that at least I will attend one rock concert of my favorite band in my life. I had one opportunity to watch Metallica when I was in Bay Area in San Francisco, but due to some problem, I could not watch them.

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Oct 29


After long interval of time, we Nepali football fans got an opportunity to support our National team at our national stadium. Most of the fans were excited to watch and support the national team. It was a 2010 FIFA world Cup Qualifier 2nd League game between Nepal and Oman. The last time I went to support our national team was in SAF Games may be a decade ago. I was excited to see the game and chant for nation team.
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