Sep 24

Hisila Yami, Babu Ram Bhattrai, Michelle Obama and Barack ObamaPicture taken from

We all Nepali have a positive thinking about our current Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai. He is currently in official visit to United State to attend United Nations General assembly. His party is still listed as terrorist by the American government but he is in official visit to USA as a Nepali Prime Minister.

All the Nepalese are happy to have him as a prime minister as we hope he can do something for this country. His wife Mrs. Hisila Yami is also communist leader who was a minister in previous government of Nepal.

Today I saw a picture of this lovely couple taken during their meeting with The President of the United States Mr. Barak Obama and his wife. It’s saddening the way our Prime Minister and his wife dressed up. The world knows Nepal as the country which has multi diversity in culture and tradition. We have so many ethnic dresses and just few weeks ago the country had a debate on which dress should be called national dress.

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Apr 10

AFC Challenge Cup 2011

After a long time, I got an opportunity to watch Nepal’s National Team football. This time in my opinion Nepal faced a strong team. It is a team who played 2010 FIFA world cup in South Africa and they recently got back from Asia Cup 2010.

I thought Nepal will try their best effort to not to concede many goals as they have been doing it in past with strong teams of Asia. This time my thoughts went all wrong. They showed the Nepali fans that they are capable of playing a good game.

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Feb 12

Scorpions performing live in Thailand - 2011

I love rock music, from the early age when I started listening to music. I was introduced to the music of Def Leppard, Ozzy Osbourne, GN’R, Metallica and many to name here. One of them was Scorpions; their power ballads, their love songs, you can feel their music and lyrics. After I heard their music, I’ve always wanted to attend some of those live concerts in Vegas where they performed.

When MTV was introduced in Nepal, watching the rock bands’ songs and their concert videos was one of my passions. By that time, I had a dream that at least I will attend one rock concert of my favorite band in my life. I had one opportunity to watch Metallica when I was in Bay Area in San Francisco, but due to some problem, I could not watch them.

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Oct 29


After long interval of time, we Nepali football fans got an opportunity to support our National team at our national stadium. Most of the fans were excited to watch and support the national team. It was a 2010 FIFA world Cup Qualifier 2nd League game between Nepal and Oman. The last time I went to support our national team was in SAF Games may be a decade ago. I was excited to see the game and chant for nation team.
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