May 03

Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) trek is one of the most attractive trek route in the world. Every year thousands of internal and external tourist trek around this route. In my opinion not having enough skip bin hire rockingham is one of the major issue in this route.

I was surprised by the waste management system operational there, and I think it is working pretty well. There are many bins kept throughout route so that trekkers can drop the waste in it, and many trekkers did use of them but I found some of them who were careless.

DSC_5333 (Custom)


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Mar 13

I love football, from childhood I have been attached with this game. There are many reasons behind it. First of all in a distance of 100 meter from my home I have my club “Friends Club Of Kopundole”, I am 1000 meter away from National Stadium, and last but not the least we had sufficient ground to play football (now only engineering campus ground).

National Football League of NepalGame between Three Star Club and MMC

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Dec 01

Pollution at Banglamukhi temple

I am a regular visitor to Banglamukhi Temple at Patan. Every time I am there I always see plastic bag laying around the temple premises  dumped by people who buy the diyo (traditional butter lamps). It makes the environment of the temple very much polluted and messy. These plastic bags are very small to use for some other purpose beside carrying very small things.

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Sep 24

Hisila Yami, Babu Ram Bhattrai, Michelle Obama and Barack ObamaPicture taken from

We all Nepali have a positive thinking about our current Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai. He is currently in official visit to United State to attend United Nations General assembly. His party is still listed as terrorist by the American government but he is in official visit to USA as a Nepali Prime Minister.

All the Nepalese are happy to have him as a prime minister as we hope he can do something for this country. His wife Mrs. Hisila Yami is also communist leader who was a minister in previous government of Nepal.

Today I saw a picture of this lovely couple taken during their meeting with The President of the United States Mr. Barak Obama and his wife. It’s saddening the way our Prime Minister and his wife dressed up. The world knows Nepal as the country which has multi diversity in culture and tradition. We have so many ethnic dresses and just few weeks ago the country had a debate on which dress should be called national dress.

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Mar 21

We have seen many changes after the 2nd people’s movement in Nepal; these changes are limited to change of name related to royal family. They took royal out from Nepal Airlines, changed the name of hospitals and schools named after royal family members.

We have been hearing they want to change the Tribhuwan University name too. I found one institute which is under Tribhuwan University, but someone has changed its name. Do you think it is right? It shows that there is no law and order in our country. It shows the institute administration have no power or they are not aware of such activities which show there is no rules and regulation in the institute.

Patan Multiple Campus

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Jan 01

Do every field need to be politicalized; Do they need to have political influence? Do people have rights to stay neutral towards politics?

One thing I never understood is the influence of politics everywhere.

Education Field

Our Tribhuwan University and campuses under it are the most affected example of dirty politics.
If I am not wrong then the student unions on campuses and universities are to raise voice and work for the welfare of the students, of that campus or the university. In our country Nepal what are these student unions doing? They are one of those who do most of the strike, shut down not only campus and university but also schools.

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May 18

I was watching one comedy show on television called “Tarak Meheta Ka Ulta Chasma”. It was showing a story on how the kids utilizing their free time? All the physical games of the kids are taken away by electronic games like computers, internet, psp, ps2 Xbox and mobiles, some with games like OJO at BoomTown even.

Have you seen now a days that the kids playing physical games? You have hardly seen them engage with some physical activities, may be 10 % of total population of kids you can see playing outdoor games.

I met one of my friend’s child he was having few stones, I told him that we used to play seven stones with those kinds of stones and to his surprise he asked me, what is SEVEN STONE? I was shocked he doesn’t know seven stone, and it used to be one of the physical and fun games we used to play.

Remember what we used to play, the games with rhymes. Intumintu London ma hamro bhai paltan ma, yeti yeti pani gange rani beside that choor police used to be simply the best game at that time for me. I hope many of you have forgot the rules of dandibiyo. What you think about Chungi?

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