Sep 12

It’s been like half decade that we are facing a big problem for vehicle parking in Kathmandu. I still remember we used to park bike single lane at New Road and we used to pay 1 rupee. After the maoist insurgency the over flow of people all over Nepal to Kathamndu valley for safety made the valley to grow very fast and un-systematically.

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Jul 22

Bungamati, earthquake, nepal,

Untill when it will be kept like this

After the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal on 25th April, many people formed groups visiting quake hit areas and villages providing relief materials. Most of these groups were distributing tents for shelter and foods for the earthquake victims.

At the same time, we too had a group of friends from the field photography, both professionals and some as a hobbyist brought together by Ajay Rana Bhat. After seeing some badly hit towns like Bungamati and Shakhu, we decided to go there to make aware about sanitation and health issues while they are staying at tents. They named their group “Desh lai hamro khaacho cha” (The country needs us).

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Jun 26


windows 10, windows 8 ,desktop, background,

Nepal is beautiful, I have made a Windows Desktop background with the pictures that I have taken. It is a collection of picture of heritage site of Nepal. Please click the above picture to download the background for your Desktop.


Jan 10

From childhood taking Photos from camera was fun for me. I used to click with point and shoot camera, which gradually got upgrade to different types of camera in time frame. SLR was the one camera that I always wanted to have. After the digital revolution in camera, I finally got my DSLR.

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Dec 06

Things are changing real fast in today’s world. Technology has developed so much that each day we can feel the change. It took a long way for mankind to reach at this stage. Technology has taken a big leap in the field of communication. Up until a decade ago email and mobile phones were much in reach of people. Letters through postage were the cheapest means of communication and expensive long distance telephone call to talk to your loved ones were expensive.
During the past few years, cheap internet access and smart phones have changed the way people communicate.

Here I am not going to talk about these modern means of communication, but the old ones which kept people in touch for very long time. It was the one that kept family and friends close enough across boundaries. It’s the one that people had to wait for months to get response from their loved one once they send their letters.

Letter box, Kathmandu Nepal

Senario at Sundhara infront of International Post Office

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Apr 17

Bisket Jatra festival in Thimi
It’s the biggest day for the people of Thimi

The 2nd day of Thimi’s bisket jatra starts early morning. It’s fun to be watch locals carrying the god’s chariot on their shoulders. Whole Thimi’s street turns into orange on this day. It’s a hard work to take pictures in such crowd where the road is small and lots of colour powder are flying.

I capture some moments in my camera, hope it will make you feel that you were at Thimi to celebrate this festival.

Here goes one of the many chariots we see on the day

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Apr 14

Wishing you a Happy New Year from Thimi
Wish You All Happy New Year

Every community in world celebrates New Year and each of them have their own style to celebrate. In Nepal we celebrate half a dozen New Year and they all have its own identity. Some new year are celebrated by specific community, some by whole nation and some as an international festival.

Today is our National Calendar new year which is called Bikram Sambat (B.S). In Kathmandu valley city like Thimi and Bhaktapur have their own way to celebrate this new year. You can see more information on it on my old blog about how they celebrate in Thimi.

Here are few pictures from the 1st Baisakah 2071 B.S if time permits I will go tomorrow morning to capture some more pictures. Till then Wish you all Happy New Year 2071 B.S and enjoy the pictures.

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