Jan 04

The Rock Pub, Bangkok

Without music, life would be dull. Music has all the taste according to your mood. When there is a celebration time, music is always on, and guess what people says? Let’s rock man. Bangkok city is full of entertainment of all kinds. It is your choice which one you would love to take as your source of entertainment.

I have always been a rocker. Since the first day I have came to Bangkok, I always looked for a place where they have live music or a place where they play rock music. At the beginning of my days in Bangkok, I was somewhat frustrated, as I did not go out too much and so had no idea where they play such type of music which was according to my taste.

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May 03

Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) trek is one of the most attractive trek route in the world. Every year thousands of internal and external tourist trek around this route. In my opinion not having enough skip bin hire rockingham is one of the major issue in this route.

I was surprised by the waste management system operational there, and I think it is working pretty well. The waste management over there were clearly following the example of junk removals in Glasgow, because their system is efficient. There are many bins kept throughout route so that trekkers can drop the waste in it, and many trekkers did use of them but I found some of them who were careless. Visit dumposaurus.com/austin-dumpster-rental-prices-sizes for it.

DSC_5333 (Custom)

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Jul 30

Now-a-days Facebook is a part of life as so many people love to post message on their wall so that their friends can see them. Some post are personal and some don’t deal with their personal life but informative or awareness type. Today I was going through my Facebook and in one of my friend’s wall I read this:

Facebook status message

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May 06

Sangesh shrestha - Auto BookGambhir Man Maskey sir’s tuition and my frens JAM from there we still hold a strong bond

Hey guys remember good old days? I am sure you guys do remember it and wish to get back to that time and feel the moment. During that time many of us used to make a memory book commonly known as AUTO BOOK which we used give our beloved friends to write something that can bond us in future.

Now it’s an era of Facebook and we don’t need such auto book any more, but still memory remains. How many of you guys have gone through that old auto book? How many still has it? How many of you have sold it to “khali sisi poorana kaagaz”? and how many of you after reading this post thought of it and wanted to look it into your store room?

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Sep 12



“The Allegory of cave” is the allegory used by the Greek philosopher Plato in his work The Republic. The main purpose this allegory is that he wants to illustrate the nature of mankind. It is a fictional dialogue between his teacher Socrates and his brother Glaucon.

Here with the help of the allegory of cave, Plato wants to describe about human behavior. As it is stated; at first he describes about the people who were inside the cave who were not able to move around facing the wall of the cave. Behind them they have a fire place. In the wall they could see only the shadow of their own created by that fire. Their brain is monotonous and is just focused on the wall of the cave every time making them self feel that this is the life.

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Jun 11

Swayambhunath Temple - Eyes of Peace

“Shanti ka aakha” eyes of peace, Finally after 100 years they gave peace eye new look, let us hope soon our country Nepal will be once again a peaceful country

I heard that this year swayambhunath temple was renovated in 100 years. Today I was feeling little low, so just to make myself fresh I thought to go to Swayambhu and capture some photographs of swayambhunath. When you see at the stupa, you can feel the change. It has a WOW effect now. If you guys have not visited then please do visit and make yourself feel some peace in your mind.

This temple is popularly know as Monkey Temple among the tourist as you can see lots of monkeys there.

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May 07
Nepal flag for peace

My Nepal My Pride

Today people of Kathmandu valley gathered at Basantapur, Kathamndu to show all the leaders and political parties that people of Nepal want peace and are against strike and bands which has been the main obstacle for the development of Nepal.

People showed their power today, and it was a rally without any leaders. There were no one to lead the rally. It was in true – a peaceful rally. I have never seen people carrying so many Nepali Flag and walking; walking for long-term peace. It shows how much love we have for our country.

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