Sep 28

School of Rock - WallpaperFor Those About to Rock We Salute You

Being a fan of Rock music, I hate people who hate rock. Rock is not about long hairs, drugs and sex. Rock is that category of music which you need to feel. It is like fuel for life too. It gives you energy. Rock has been divided in many categories and sub categories and they have their own class and style of playing music.

Now-a-days we do not get the music that the rockers from 70’s, 80’s till mid 90’s created, but it is not dying. We may feel that hip hop and other kinds of music are taking the market. But they won’t make you feel what rock gives you. There are so many evergreen rock songs which I guess you will love till you get old. You will love to sing them.

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Aug 08

It’s boring, really boring to watch Hindi movies now a day. Last night I watched a movie called ugly aur pugly. I felt that it has a very poor presentation in every aspect in that movie. May be since I have already watched the Original story movie “My Sassy Girl” which is a Korean movie. I don’t know if that movie too is a remake of some Hollywood movie.

When I watched this movie I really felt bad. Is Bollywood really become so poor in recent years? Aren’t there any good writers to write a story for a movie so that they do not need to make a remake of some Hollywood and Korean movies? Now I doubt if all the Hindi movies we watch are remake from some other language movies which we are unaware of.

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