Jan 04

The Rock Pub, Bangkok

Without music, life would be dull. Music has all the taste according to your mood. When there is a celebration time, music is always on, and guess what people says? Let’s rock man. Bangkok city is full of entertainment of all kinds. It is your choice which one you would love to take as your source of entertainment.

I have always been a rocker. Since the first day I have came to Bangkok, I always looked for a place where they have live music or a place where they play rock music. At the beginning of my days in Bangkok, I was somewhat frustrated, as I did not go out too much and so had no idea where they play such type of music which was according to my taste.

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Oct 27


Before I talk about the songs that made me a head banger, I want to share my opinion on hard rock and heavy metal music. Music pundits try to separate these two genre of music as different sect of the rock music, but for me they are synonymous to each other. They play fast, they are loud, and they scream and have great guitar riffs. We cannot differentiate some bands. We find they are part of heavy metal but they say we are not heavy metal band and some bands do not sound like heavy metal but are in the list of heavy metal band.

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Aug 04


For many people in this world music is a part of life but the choice of music you listen to might be different. For me, I have been hearing my father play his favorite Nepalese and Hindi songs on the mouth harmonica since childhood.

At my early childhood, to listen to music we had only radio and we used to hear only one station, Radio Nepal. Till that time there were no FM stations in Nepal. It was around the year 1991 that my father got a cassette player for the first time and from here my journey into western music started. It is not that I had not heard western music before that. There was some program run on Saturday afternoon in radio Nepal where they used to play English songs. Here I have to admit that the first English song which I memorized was WHAM’s “Last Christmas”. Later my source for English music was a program run by Mr. Bhusan Dahal on Nepal Television “Sunday Pop” and it was an entry point to another level of english songs as I was able to see my stars on television.

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Oct 18

It was my dream to take some picture of rock band performing and watch the concert in front row. This time I got this opportunity in Kathmandu.  I think that Nepal is now opening up for some great rock bands. We saw Bryan Adams last year, there was a rumor that The Scorpions are coming (this news excited me but there is no news after the announcement about it) and next month Kathmandu is going to see Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR). On 15th October there was another event organized by the Silence Festival which tried to expose some underground music scene of Nepal. This event just did not expose Nepalese underground music but it invited one of the pioneers of death metal Vader from Poland.

Vader performing

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Feb 19

Bryan Adams - Bare Bones

Please forgive me” is probably the first song I heard from Bryan Adams. It was my teenage time and his love songs rooted deep inside me. I still love to hear his songs “18 till I die“, “Everything I do I do it for you“, “Here I am” many more to name here.

In Nepal we rarely have some quality concerts and which are memorable. One of the memorable concerts I had attended in Nepal was WORLD MUSIC DAY concert in the year 1995, at Basantapur. After that it was the concert of singer Deepak Bajracharya. His concert was special to the Nepali audience because he hired a sound engineer from Australia and we could feel for the first time what a concert sound should be like.

Talking about Bryan Adams concert, just read what he had tweeted “Just flew over Everest into Katmandu, Nepal. We are the 1st western band to play here. With all the music in the world how is that possible?” he himself is feeling so proud to be the 1st western band to perform in Nepal.

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Feb 12

Scorpions performing live in Thailand - 2011

I love rock music, from the early age when I started listening to music. I was introduced to the music of Def Leppard, Ozzy Osbourne, GN’R, Metallica and many to name here. One of them was Scorpions; their power ballads, their love songs, you can feel their music and lyrics. After I heard their music, I’ve always wanted to attend some of those live concerts in Vegas where they performed.

When MTV was introduced in Nepal, watching the rock bands’ songs and their concert videos was one of my passions. By that time, I had a dream that at least I will attend one rock concert of my favorite band in my life. I had one opportunity to watch Metallica when I was in Bay Area in San Francisco, but due to some problem, I could not watch them.

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Dec 02

Guns N Roses - Chinese Democracy

Rolling Stone magazine called Chinese Democracy “a great, audacious, unhinged and uncompromising hard-rock record.”

I Salute you Axl Rose, finally the long wait is over, and I also got the original CD of Guns N’ Roses new Album Chinese Democracy. We hardly get the original CD’s in Nepal. I’d talked about this album in my previous post here.

Hats off to you Axl Rose and to your new band members. This album is really amazing and it will add more songs to your lists of hit songs by Guns N’ Roses.

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