Feb 16
World's Heritage - Pashupatinath

World’s Heritage – Pashupatinath

Pashupatinath Temple is one of the sacred hindu pilgrimage. During the festival of Teej and Shivaratri thousands of devotee visit the temple. There is a saying in nepali “Nazik ko deuta lai hela” meaning you ignore the nearest god. So, being a guy from Kathmandu, I hardly visit this Shiva devoted temple, may be once in year. I usually go there on Shivaratri day to capture the portraits of Babaji.

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Feb 02

Temple of Bajrayogini

Month of Magh and Sali nadi is like synonyms. As hindus in Nepal worship goddess Swasthani and read story about her, many hindu devotees take fasting for a month and worship Madhavnaryan.

I happen to go to Sali nadi this year after a long gap. It was late afternoon, I could not see much action to capture by my camera. So, after worshiping the river I went to Bajrayogini temple north form the city of Sakhu.

Here is a short information on the Temple of Bajrayogini from the website site www.roughguides.com

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Dec 22

namo buddha,  Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery, Nepal, Himalayas, range,

Namo Buddha is one of the holy place for buddhist people. According to buddhist religion, it is a place where a Prince donated his whole body to the hungry mother tiger and her five kids.

In recent years, they have built a Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery.

Here are some picture i captured during my short visit to Namo Buddha, i have to admit that this place should be developed as a tourist attraction place as we can see the spectacular view of Himalaya range.

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Nov 15

Changu Naryan is a Hindu Temple of lord Vishnu which is located high at the hilltop near Bhaktapur. It is considered that it is the oldest temple in Nepal. According to Legends Changu Naryan existed during the time of Licchavi Dynasty who ruled Kathmandu valley. It is the temple with rich embossed works.
Here are some picture of Temple premises and portrait of local people.

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Nov 08

Bouddha buddhist monks

We have a group called “Photo-walk Nepal” which is lead by Mr. Om Yadav. Every weekend Om dai announce the place for photo-walk inside Kathmandu valley where all the enthusiast photography lover meet and share our knowledge and take picture. This week we went to one of the world heritage site inside Kathmandu valley “Bouddha”. Here are some pictures from the photo-walk we did early morning.

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Aug 17

Taudaha Lake with horizon in the background


It is believed that Taudaha is the remnant pool of a huge lake that once existed where the current city of Kathmandu sits. Buddhist mythology is related to this belief. In this mythology , it is said that the mythical character Manjushree cut the hill at Chobhar near south of the Kathmandu valley so that the water of the lake gets drain off, which made possible for human to occupy the land for settlement. It is one of the place where migratory bird stop over during the time of their migration.

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May 31

I was amazed by this shot – a spider hanging by the web

I always wanted to have some macro photography. Due to lack of macro lens I could not get the desired macro shots from the tele lens that I have. Today we went to Godawari Botanical Garden for Photo Walk with macro theme. Many thanks for Mr. Om Yadav dai for making this theme possible today. Om dai is the person who is initiating weekly Photo Walk program among enthusiast photographers in the Kathmandu valley.

I used my 80-200 mm lens but was not satisfied with the macro shots I was shooting from it. Finally after my friend Mr. Samir Pradhananga who finished shooting his macro shots let me borrowed his 90 mm macro lens.

As I start taking the shots (took only few shots as we were in hurry to return back home) I was telling myself wow to every shot that I took from that lens. I think I will get addicted to macro photography soon and I need to get one macro lens soon. Time to save some money to get macro lens.

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