Aug 15

Nepal’s political demonstration and burning tire had been synonyms to each other. Tire is always related to political demonstration and protest in Nepal. I have been seeing the burning of tire in Nepal since the 1990’s people movement. Many questions are raised for the effects on public health due to tire burning. Even the parliament took decision to not to burn tire for protest and demonstration, but the same parties who passed that resolution are burning tires in every demonstration that they make.

burning-tiers.jpgPeople of Nepal already accepted the dirty politics going on in Nepal, now we are forced to accept the dirty air to breath, they have made the natural environment also dirty, the air we inhale to live is impure, don’t know what that air is going to effect in our health.

Appeal to ProtestorToday one poster written in nepali caught my eye while I was taking the photographs of YCL demonstrator in Kopundole. In that poster the local resident of Kopundole have appeal the demonstrator not to burn tire and look for some other way to place the demonstration. I don’t think anyone listen to that appeal. If they have listen and if they really aware of the effects of tires burning in public health, they would not have done such ruthless work.

Why doesn’t the government give the Police the power to stop the protestor from burning the tires? We see now a days the Polices’ moral is really down, even I asked few police officer “ Sir, why don’t you stop them, why don’t you arrest them”, their reply was simple, we have orders from upper level not to do anything. We see police watching all these acts as a helpless kid.Police watching the demonstration as if they are helpless for general public

I really want to appeal all the Nepalese people, who are concern about their health, please let’s get together and try to stop the demonstrator from burning the tire. First let’s request the demonstrator for not to burn tire, if they don’t agree then let’s ask the police to interfere and if they are helpless to help us in this issue then let’s get together and look for a way against such protestor who plays with our health.

YCL activist looks happy after burning tiersDo our country have environmental activist group like Green Peace? burning2.jpgOr we just receive millions for donation from donor in the name of environment awareness programs and other environmental works? If there is any environmental concern organization present and active in Nepal then I request them to form an environmental activist group and fight against the rights of human being and all the animals and plants with a fresh air and good balanced natural environment.

God Save The Nepalese Health.

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