Mar 21

Tribute to the freedom fighter and peace maker of Nepal

It is one of the darkest day in the history of Nepal. Yesterday at 12:10 a.m. we lost one of our leader who dedicated his life to make Nepal a democratic country. Late Mr. Girija Prasad Koirala the person who will be always there in Nepalese history for his sacrifice for the country.

Every person has their good and bad things. Today let’s forget some steps he took which turn out to be a wrong decision in Nepalese politics. Let’s give him a heartfelt tribute for his sacrifice and hard work to make Nepal a democratic country.

He will be remembered for bringing the Maoists in the main stream politics and helped restore peace in Nepal and as one of the leader of the 3rd people’s movement which over threw the royal family.

Here I have posted some picture which I took when I went to the Dashrath Stadium to pay him my last tribute.

2 Responses to “Tribute to the freedom fighter and peace maker of Nepal”

  1. $@mir Says:

    Alas, our SUPREME LEADER late GANESHMAN SING (Who never fought for the Chairs nor for the Relatives) had also gotton such type of FAREWELL. By the way, that was our OWN Mistake……., just Damn on all of us 🙁

    & I dont know anything about your words that you jotted down but the Picture No. 3rd & 3rs last are quite Journalastic & Creative !!!

    Well done.

  2. Sanjee Says:

    How I wish people release the importance of people when alive rather after their death.

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