Dec 31

Last day of the year, my friend Sameer asked, “aren’t you going to write something in your blog?”, I said what to write, I have nothing in my mind right now. He suggested me to write a review on the year 2007. I did not give a second thought and straight away told him; ok I will write and post it.

Let me start with why I wanted to start my blog. I always wanted to give my views, share my idea and give comments. I even talked about making such website many years back, but due to some technical problems I could not make such website. Finally I thought of making my own website this year and start blogging.

May be seeing at my blogs, you guys might think I am very much interested in politics, but I don’t want to focus on politics only. What I think right now is, Nepal’s politics is a “Dirty Game” and the player of this game says that they want to make New Nepal, but what we see is they are just dividing Nepal into many small parts, in the name of so called dominated cast, woman and other small community they are looking for their profits and not looking at the long term effect of such instant profits.  Since politics is playing part in our daily life, I have to write about my likes and dislikes, put my ideas and thoughts on their decisions.

I am also trying to focus on the problems that we are seeing in Nepal, especially in Kathmandu, the heart of Nepal. I don’t feel guilty to call we all educated Nepalese as “Literate but uneducated”. I will soon write one blog on that with few examples why I called our self “literate but uneducated”. Ok one example I will give here. Whenever I am at stop light while riding my bike, when there is red light and if the traffic police are busy with something or if they are not monitoring the red light, people just try to break the rule and try to cross the crossing in red lights. I have seen people riding expensive vehicles (they must be rich and educated), people who work for big organization, government officers, students (hope all of them are educated) as the law breakers, they are among those who cross the road on red lights. So what to call these people? Off course they are literate but uneducated.

I have tried to focus on some bad habits on urchins that are seen in the city. Habits like smoking at small age and sniffing glue’s odor.

Since I love photography, I have tried to put on some pictures that I have taken in different occasion; these pictures are taken from my Sony DSC H5 camera, now I am trying to buy one amateur camera from Nikon D80. I hope I will capture some beautiful photograph from my Nikon D80 once I get it.

Finally I would like to thank all of you who visited my website and left comments and suggestions.

Wish you all a Happy New Year 2008.

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