Sep 03

Indra Jatra festival

Indra Jatra

One of the biggest Newari festival of this ancient city Kathmandu. We can observe many things in this festival. Traditional dance, Lakhe dance, masked dancers representing deities and demons and many other things. One thing that attracts the youth to this festival is going to the pipe joined to the mouth of Swet Bhairav. Boys just try to hold the pipe and drink the alcohol that flows from it.

If you guys have more information on that pipe, why guys go to drink it, then please post it in the comment.

Indra Jatra - Dance


Indra Jatra - Swet Bhairab

Swet Bhairav

Indra Jatra

Indra Jatra

Youth Gone wild

Youth participating in Indra Jatra

Yeah I did it

12 Responses to “Pictures of fun part of Indra Jatra for youths”

  1. Aakar Says:

    Wow ! Interesting photos…haha, they have gone wild…Thanks for sharing this Indrajatra snaps… ke garnu aafu KU vitrai basiyo, jatra kasto hunchha ke taha ra…Btw, these days, blog update huna 6odyo ni, kina hola ?

  2. sangesh Says:

    yeah Update chai ho, i was just …. will update regularly now
    indra jatra ko fun hernu cha bhane 1 week samma eve after 6 visit basantapur and hanuman dhoka πŸ™‚

  3. Prasanna Says:

    hey.. how about lakhe and pullung kishi.. would you be able to get a video of lakhe dance? that would be awesome.. and where are the chariot pics… comon bro u r my only hope… πŸ˜‰

  4. Avishek Says:

    Great Pictures.

  5. sangesh Says:

    about the video, sorry i don;t have a camcorder will try to get you from mobile or something else, lakhe ra pulukishi ko chai i will try to take next time πŸ™‚ i think they will be there whole week hoina ra ?

  6. dai Says:

    Nice pics!!!
    Drinking through that pipe is really nice part.

  7. olga_rani Says:

    nice interesting pictures

  8. palistha Says:

    thanks for sharing those pictures

  9. shyam Says:

    its the culture of power for drinking

  10. Jayesh Says:

    Won’t U be here this time?

  11. bjai Says:

    festival of drinking.

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