Jul 19

Some pictures of Bangkok City I took from my hostel’s 18th floor room.

Bangkok City - Night Photography

Bangkok City

Grand Palace of Bangkok - Night Photography

Grand Palace of Bangkok

Rama IX bridge - Night Photography

Rama 8 bridge

9 Responses to “Bangkok city at night from my room”

  1. Aakar Says:

    what a lovely view… 🙂
    And wish you all the best brother…

  2. Gokul Says:

    daami pictures bro! 🙂

    Khai achel kata bepatta ho? bhetghat chhaina ni?

  3. Ramesh Says:

    Nice Pictures.
    It’s cool. 🙂

  4. Musicbid Says:

    Nice View.Lovely look at the night time

  5. ametya Says:

    Hostel in Bangkok ??? Ke study ma ho dai ???

  6. pradhumna Says:

    dai sabai(faces) ko photo haru here aati ramro lagyo

  7. Reja Says:

    nice view. keep it up brother 🙂

  8. Arpaporn Says:

    Khun Sangesh ka, you have a very view from your dorm room!

  9. James Says:

    I enjoyed viewing your photos..so cool and nice..actually we have the same passion in photography..
    More interesting photos to come..


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