Apr 25

Photo sent for competition
Picture Sent for Competition

I am one of the enthusiast photographer who frequently roam around places and take pictures and post them in social networking sites to get people’s view on my photography. I always wished if I can earn some money from it or at least it get published in some newspapers or website.
I have seen few of my photographs being used in different site and shared in Facebook by different users. Some asked for permission from me by contacting me personally, some just gave credit to me and I found some erasing my watermark and using it.

Few days back I posted one picture in one of the competition organized by Bisket Jatra. After they published my picture for competition, the next day I saw same picture at Gobhaktapur.com  page. This guy used his own watermark. When I send him message and comment to give credit to me if you want to use my picture, this is what I got in response. Even Bisket Jatra photo competition page did not respond to my complain. I have send them high resolution file as per their competition requirement.

Have your say guys, what can we do to such arrogant people. I have a brief discussion on this issue at Nepalese in Photography page in Facebook and we all asked Gobhaktapur to take off the picture or give credit but seems this guy does not care about copyrights things. Even one of the admin at Nepalese In Photography page think that the post was irrelevant for the page and threat me to banned if I post again. Later when we were having a good conversation he banned me from that page.  Any way I would like to thank all the friends who supported me in this issue.


*update : thank you Vivket Jung Basnet, Kewal Rai and NixNox from Nepalese in Photogrpahy for removing me from the banned list.

Picture used by Gobhaktapur

Response from Gobhaktapur

Another Response from Gobhaktapur

Terms and condition of the competition

It was my personal issue but in future any one can face if we don;t stop it here

Why does this guy want to ban me. I thought that he would help me. His Imagepark is one of the partner of the Photo Competition of Bisket Jatra.

6 Responses to “Photography and copyright issue”

  1. Samir Says:

    Sangesh, we suspected & pin-pointed the CRAP who was/is behind this issue. No matters, he deleted you but a BIG SLAP he got is the REMOVAL of the Banning. On that basis, we can simply understand the mindset abt. his position. That’s BIG SLAP 4 him indeed.

    At the same time, it has given us a BIG lesson that these Nepali Photographic Training Institutes support the ANTI-COPYRIGHT issue. I still remember my saying that taking part in any competition where the HUGE LIKED PHOTO gets selected as a winning Photo. It’s really a Bullshit basis of judgement. Anyways, we have to thank the good ppl./ Admins for understanding the fact abt. the issue & the SICK action of banning.

  2. Andy Shrestha Says:

    As per what I have read here and in the group, this was no personal matter.

    If such continues, artist will never get respect they deserve.

    It’s sad it happened.

  3. Pritush Says:

    HIHI the guy should learn some English first to know “we” is with “dont” and not “does not” before acknowledging and respecting a photographers feeling 😀 ..cheers

  4. Ritesh Prakash Shrestha Says:

    I agree with your post. It is sad that some people in Photography doesn’t respect the value of IP. People as such should not be asking photographers to submit their pictures for some competitions if they cannot assure the protection against copying. Poor guy – I guess no one copies his work so he doesn’t know the value yet.

  5. sangesh Says:

    3 months, and the organizer have not accnoucned the winner. how can we trust such people who try to get pictures from hobbiest photogrpahers with the Banner of big organization

  6. Jayesh Rajkarnikar Says:

    From your post it is clear that your creation was stolen and we as such are not protected at all. We, being a cuddler in this field hoping for better future career, are now totally confused whether to participate in any contests or even to post our pictures in these sites. If any site invite us to post/participate then it’s obvious that event organizers should be able enough to safeguard our products…Its sad that even the organizers do not respect our feelings…… then what more to expect …… It happened with me also but not with so called event organizers….. This is the one reason I seldom post my pictures…..

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