Feb 16

World's Heritage - Pashupatinath

World’s Heritage – Pashupatinath

Pashupatinath Temple is one of the sacred hindu pilgrimage. During the festival of Teej and Shivaratri thousands of devotee visit the temple. There is a saying in nepali “Nazik ko deuta lai hela” meaning you ignore the nearest god. So, being a guy from Kathmandu, I hardly visit this Shiva devoted temple, may be once in year. I usually go there on Shivaratri day to capture the portraits of Babaji.

Today I went there for same purpose but something attracted me. Below the forest of mirgasthali, there are some temple made from stone. I never tried to look at them before, but today while trying the different shots of Pashupatinath temple, I came across these wonderful stone carving at the small temples where they do evening prayer and aarati.

Here are some of the carving at the temple, and I must say Nepal is a country which is rich is art and culture with multiple diversity in geography, religion and people.

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