Dec 08

It seems like the drama of Nepal’s politic is going to have THE END very soon. Since the Maoist big mouths have spoke out that they need to coordinate with the royalist people for the long term peace, progress of Nepal and to bring the dream of NEW NEPAL into reality. 

I have been saying about Round Table Talk of 7 parties, royalist parties and the King since the success of the 2nd people’s movement. May be my voice was not heard that time, even i have posted about it on BBC’s website ” Have Your Say” and they even called me up that interview me about it. I have posted that in my earlier post. (CLick here to read from BBC’s website) 

Now I think Maoist already know that without the help of the royalist they cannot have peace in Nepal. I am sure someday soon the remaining parties will also come in front and say ” yes, Prachanda ji is now right, we did a big mistake by not  involving them”. What we general people want is that we need peace in our country, we want to walk safe.

IF there is a tie between the royal place and the Maoist, or whatever, we don’t know the reality why Prachanda said so at this moment. In the name of breaking the deadlock of this political crisis, he put out this strategy. 

In my opinion, do whatever, but make the environment so that each single Nepali feels safe and walk with their head up. We don’t want the any foreigner pointing his finger at us. Hope the royalist will be happy with this move from Prachanda and help the 7 parties to restore peace in Nepal. But something always come to my mind, are we going to get back the same Nepal before the Maoist insurgency?  1. I fear we might have a religious war, why? Was there the need to make Nepal a secular country? There are still so many democratic countries with Muslim, Buddhist and Christian religion as their national religion. what was the need to make Nepal  secular country, I never heard people having fight in Nepal on religion. Buddhist in Nepal pray Hindu gods, there are Christian missionaries working freely without any obstacles, Muslim are not stopped from reading Quran, and every year Nepal’s government have helped for people who want to go Mecca  Medina for Hajj. Making Nepal a secular country they have made many Hindu angry coz still 80% citizen of Nepal is Hindu. Our what used to be called as national God, Sri Pashupati  Nath, is also called Kirateshwore Mahadev, which shows that it is worshipped by the kirats too. 

2. Will king stay quiet? Won’t he try to regain his power, at least he will try his best to regain it even if he has to flee after that or die. What will be the scenario of that time? At present in Nepal if you have money it is easy to do anything, any one will help you, so king has money and support, so who knows some people go after money and support him. 3. I never heard that the victims of the Maoist insurgency have been helped out, what we hear is verbal. Neither they brought new land law, nor do they return it to their owner. They say that victims driven from houses can return home, but when they go they are not allowed to stay. What happens if their anger becomes violent? What will be the scenario? 

4. There are so many people killed and many are still unknown. The government and the e Maoist have not addressed them yet well, who is going to heal their internal wound they got after losing their loved one. Maoist, police, army or general public, Just saying Sorry won’t heal their wound. They should address them properly, help them in every aspect, else their anger will bring another unhappy community which might affect our peace progress.  5. People’s right should be protected, who the hell are these 7 parties to take away our rights and decide about the republic directly from parliament. The current parliament is not people’s parliament; it is just a compromised parliament who has no rights to take public rights and decide it right away saying that it is people demand. It might bring another revolt in the country; IT should be decided by the parliament which is established after the constitution polls. 

I hope our politician will learn to see the long term effects and work on the peace progress for long term and take good decision and conduct constitution polls soon.

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  1. The Political News You Need to Know » Is the Nepali Political Drama going to have THE END? Says:

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  2. Swatantra Pandey Says:

    the nepal politics is dirty politics and dirty politiciens also.
    jhundyaunu parne jantha sabai lai

  3. deepa Says:

    answer is simple Never.

  4. Prasanna Says:

    These politicians we have, are the plague of our country. They are not the solution, theya re the part of the problem. Our country’s greatest woe is that it has been producing hoards of politicians but not even one leader. Someone who could selflessly lead our country into a new dawn, a new era of peace and harmony.
    I dont think Nepal would ever be the same. Scarred by the decade long internal turmoil, its economy shattered to the core. Infrastructure non-existant, law and order limited to the legal books. So, no Nepal won’t be the same as it was before the insurgency started. However, It could be BETTER than it ever was. What we fail to realise is that the past two years has brought about a mass awareness. Awareness about our own right, capabilities and requirements. It is true that we as nepalese are misusing our rights at the moment by not being concerned about the violation of other’s right while we enjoy ours, but those who are doing it don’t know better. Its like after having dal bhat for ages we have been served a custard pie for dessert and we don’t know what to do with it. That is why I imply that we need a leader. Someone to show us how to enjoy the pie to its delicious best. I don’t think that leader sits in the airconditioned comfort of the parliament of the electrically heated offices funded by the non-exixtant tax payers and foreign aid, they are tooo comfortable and worry free for anyone’s any good. That leader has to be found and each one of us has the responsibility to find him/her. Where would we find our saviour, you might ask! That’s easy.. Inside our individual selves. The day, all us who call themselves nepali, out of pride or compulsion, think of the country and not just think act on the thinking we will find that elsive leader within ourselves. Its not about leading a mass of people into protests or wars, that’s not what we need. What we and the country needs is for all us sons and daughters of the motherland to leave voilence, selfishness, hatred and corruption behind to get united for a singular most important agendas of them all—- NEPAL.
    That will be the day my friend, we will be able to boot the girijas, prachandas, maila dai and all other blood sucking parasitic politicians to their graves. Its only then will we be able to achieve Nirvana in this Shangri-la.

  5. mr j dharani Says:

    i do not think so. the political atmosphere in Nepal is highly fragile or volatile like the unpredictable climate of India’s Delhi climate, or like the mind set of some wives who say one thing in the morning and by evening there is complete turn around! you know what i mean! but i love Nepal for its exotic tourist location.

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