May 09


Rato Macchindranath

Today was the first day of the festival of Rato Macchindranath. I saw the chariot pulling for the first time, and it was a great experience for me. I enjoyed seeing the people participation in such festivals. Young guys were excited to grab the rope and pull the chariot.

Yeah some bad experience too, some people are always in a search of opportunities in such mass. For the first time in my life, I came across a pickpocket who was trying to get my mobile out from my jeans pant pocket. I don’t know how my hand just went towards my pant pocket and that guy just took his hand away and my mobile was already half out from my pocket. Any way thank god, it did not happen.

Ok guys enjoy the picture and feel yourself as a participant of this occasion.


Hurry up, it’s getting late to start the procession


This is how i look after decoration 😛


Hey i am not a monkey ok, i am just working hard to decorate the chariot


What is this? Kalash portrait!


I want a new look next year, i look like a scrap now


I am bored, when will you guys start pulling the chariot


Ahhh! now we can start the procession


We are not Men In Black, we are the Original Gorkha Army


Music is part of our daily activity


We are ready to go


wait let me take out the break 😛


Let’s go, I am the Commander in Chief

9 Responses to “Experiencing the Red Macchindranath Chariot pulling”

  1. suniti Says:

    awesome!! it always feels great to see bundya’s (machhindra nath) jatra. i grew up seeing and feeling this jatra. there had been no year without me watching this procession, my life is part of this occasion. but unfortunately, i couldn’t make it up this year coz i’m away from nepal 🙁 but thanks a lot dude, i enjoyed every picture!

  2. deshman Says:

    there is something that everyone needs to know about rato machindra nath.

    when you pray to her and ask for something, never ever ask to make you beautiful. this is a popular story behind her, my grandmother told me. you may wonder why?

    she will think you are teasing her and will make you ugly because she herself is ugly compared to her sisters in janabahal, chovar and nala.

    how did she become ugly. it seems she walked over her father or mothers head. she was cursed for her wrong doing, and she became ugly. in nepalese society, it is considered bad to walk over one’s elders head or body.

  3. sangesh Says:

    Thank you for your added information to the readers of my blog.

  4. dareo Says:

    i also know a similar story based on comment of deshman.

    an ordinary merchant had a wife who was not pretty and because of it everyone use to make fun of him. because of the teasing, she would never come out of the house and was always sad. the merchant in other to please his wife, did everything and spend lot of money to make her pretty. still she would not come out of the house out of her ugliness.

    the sad merchant prayed to bungadayo (newari name for the goddness) about his problem. the goddness, hearing his prayer thought he was teasing her sarcastically, and made his wife even uglier.

    later on, she came to know the truth and was full of remorse for what she had done to the merchant’s wife. not being able to make her pretty, she bestowed the merchant with lots of wealth. the merchant became the richest man in town and the wife became very happy.

    this story also shows the compassionate side of her.

  5. queen Says:

    the story also shows the human nature. one is usually happy when bestowed with wealth.

    there is popular belief in this. if man have ugly wife and goes to bungdyo, she will feel pity and will like the man for his choice of woman and bestow with wealth. in the other hand, if you wife is beautiful, she will feel jealous and create trouble for you. this is a poplular saying and belief among newars.

  6. razes Says:

    proud to b newa

  7. Sagar Says:

    seems the experience belongs to that of this year, really well presented.

  8. RED Macchindranath フェスティバル開催中 | | 海外ボランティア CEC Volunteer Information Says:

    […] 大阪府岸和田市で毎年秋に行われるだんじり祭と同じように、だんじり(木製の大きな地車)を市内を引き回します。エキサイティングな祭で、普段はやさしいネパールの人たちも、大阪の岸和田のみなさんと同じようにその日だけは「命がけ」になります。 この祭の様子を撮られた方のブログをみつけました。 […]

  9. luzaa Says:

    Well, the photos are good, not so much attractive, we can bring out lot…didnt see more on your photos..

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